Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thursday night at the Sommet Center, the Predators fell to the Thrashers 4-2.

They contributed to two of the Thrashers’ goals, compliments of Dan Hamhuis and Kevin Klein. The other two Atlanta goals were shot from the blue line. It seemed that Pekka Rinna was having trouble with people screening him.

The Preds took too many penalties that could’ve been prevented. They took 13 penalties and two of them were for too many men on the ice. That’s an awful penalty to take. The rest of them were preventable. They let their emotion get to them.

The Pred’s power-play looks like it’s going to be a repeat of last year. They spend too much time thinking about what they’re going to do so that by the time the penalty is over they only racked up one shot on goal. That’s something that really needs work. The Predator’s penalty-kill is looking good again. Last year they ranked 3rd overall on the power-play.
Last night they were letting a few of the rookies play. Jonathan Blum played just as well as any of the other defensemen last night clocking out at 18:50 ice time. Teemu Lasko also racked up over 20:00 of ice time.

Rich Peverley had a career high of 7 shots on goal. Also, the rookie, Michael Ryan, got 5 shots on goal.
Pekka Rinne was struggling in goal. He was getting blasted from the blue line. The D wasn’t necessarily doing their job, either. Whenever I looked in front of the net, there were at least 2 guys screening Rinne. Mark Dekanich started in the 3rd. Overall he did really well. Other than the goal that went off the skate of Hamhuis, he was solid.

Chet Pickard and Jeremy Smith were sent down to their junior teams yesterday.

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