Sunday, October 12, 2008

Predators Opening Night Victory Over Dallas

Jason Arnott Puts the Puck Past Marty Turco for His Second Goal of the Night

I’m just going to go ahead and start off with a rant. The once famed “Zooperstars” were supposed to perform during each of the intermissions. The first intermission they came out with Whale Gretzky and a few other no-namers. All they did was spin around in circles. It was a very poor performance on their part. The seconds intermission, they came out with some people no one even knew, other than Mario Lemule. It was an all-around lame presentation. I still <3 Lemule though.

The Preds were looking really good last night. They were passing good, taking shots, and a good job on D. The three stars starting from three were: Dan Ellis, J.P. Dumont, and Jason Arnott. Arnott with two goals and one assists and Dumont with 3 assists. Ellis stopped 19/20 shots.

Ellis had an improvement from Friday night. Most of the problems on Friday were caused by the D not doing their job. But two of the five goals scored were easy ones that should never be let in. Last night the one that went in was just terrible. Luckily, he didn’t let any others in. I hope he stays strong.

Our penalty-kill was perfect tonight, no goals were let in. Keep up the good work.

Last night, our power-play was fairly good. We got two of our goals on the PP. There were a lot of chances tonight that could’ve been converted. I’m happy with two for now though.

It seemed like J.P. Dumont was everywhere tonight. He had a terrific game. I saw him in the Verizon Wireless store about 6 months ago. His wife wasn’t too happy that night..

One player that really just didn’t show up was Kevin Klein. He made tons of bad plays. He looked like a fish out of water. He did play very well in the pre-season.

Our team is looking really good this year. Let’s keep up the good work!

Jackson Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass

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missing301 said...

I hate to hear of a lame performance by the once magnificently entertaining Zooperstars. Maybe they should rebook Dave the horn guy!