Saturday, December 6, 2008

Predators, Pekka Rinne Shut Out Wild in Rematch

Minnesota goalie Josh Harding responds to the puck hitting the crossbar as J P Dumont's shot goes in for the games only goal.

There was more than one occasion last night that the Wild had the Predators beat five on five and Pekka Rinne had to make up for it. The game really was saved by Rinne's goaltending. Although Nashville outshout Minnesota 43 to 32, I felt that Minnesota had a lot more quality scoring chances. Most of the shots on Minnesotas number two, Josh Harding, were pretty lame efforts at shooting. I'm not trying to take anything away from Josh or the Preds. Pekka Rinne did an awesome job of coming in at the last minute last night. Dan Ellis took a puck to the knee which limited him to what he could do on the ice, so Pekka filled in for Danny. Josh Harding also had a huge game, despite the goal one goal against him. Of course, Pekka Rinne will get the start on Monday coming off a shut out.

The only goal scored in the whole game came 11:48 into the third period. With the power play about the diminish, Jason Arnott passed it to J.P. Dumont who snapped it right above Josh Harding. The goal came only a couple of seconds after the power play so we got the +1. The rest of the game remained scoreless till the fat lady sang. Minnesota had a lot of shots on goal in the last five minutes. Thank you Pekka.

I guess I won't bag on our power play performance last night, seeing as how the only goal scored was coming only a couple of seconds off the power play. We generated a lot of chances, just none of them converted.

Wade Belak and Derek Boogaard had a rematch from last Saturday night's game. It was an average fight. Nothing that made me stand up or yell. It ended with Boogaard pushing Belak up against the boards, which seemed like a white flag.

Before the game during warm ups, Brent Burns kept knocking the ice off of his stick onto a Hawaiian girl. I felt bad for the guy that was with her. The only thing he had on Brent was a few more teeth. The date must've felt like Wayne in Wayne's World 2 when a big time producer starts flirting with Casandra.

That's all I had on last nights game. I apologize for not putting a game recap up for Thursday's game against the Avalanche.

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