Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Country Stars Promote Predators Hockey

Taylor Swift Predators Commercial

Country Singer Dierks Bentley appeared on Tuesday's NHL Live Radio show promoting the release of his new album "Feel the Fire". He also talked extensively about the Nashville Predators, Jordan Tootoo, and his play in the Nashville adult rec league. He related one story where the Predators gave him a big bag of equipment that moved him into the 21st century. One humorous point was made that he couldn't be a fighter because if he punched forward, he would fall backward. He also talked about his transformation from being a casual fan to avid promoter of the game of hockey. Thanks to Dierks for spreading the word on the Predators as well as hockey in general.

Today's Dierks Bentley interview comes on the heels of a new ad produced by the Predators featuring heartthrob Taylor Swift. First aired on television over the weekend, the commercial has appeared in numerous blogs and stories and has received rave reviews.

Maybe Dierks Bentley and Taylor Swift should do a duet about being Predator fans.

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass

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janet m said...

If you know Dierks, you know he is as passionate about hockey as he is music. This shows in his new album out today.
Feel That Fire is spawning a lot of blazing clich├ęs this week, and all of them are right! This is one hot CD that is going to go places – read that up! Dierks has said he wanted to stay in the moment, as well as have fun. He’s done it with style and grace. Style with the Warren Brothers in the title cut, grace with the incomparable Patti Griffin in Beautiful World, Better Believer, co-written with Rivers Rutherford, and Pray, written with Rodney Crowell. For fun you can’t beat Sideways and Here She Comes. My favorite today is I Wanna Close Your Eyes, but tomorrow it may change to that motorcycle revving Life on the Run with Mike McCready (Pearl Jam). You may remember McCready’s previous contribution with Bentley on Distant Shore on his first CD. Feel that Fire? You bet. Get yours today.