Thursday, June 18, 2009

Live from Vegas, the NHL Awards Show

We made it to Las Vegas last night and immediately made a pit stop at the In-N-Out Burger before we got to the Palms. The hotel is very nice and the accommodations are good but I am used to a little more air conditioning than is prevalent here.

After getting squared away this morning, I finally settled in to the media room which appears to be set up for about 75 folks covering the event. They already have Versus piped in on three large TVs that unfortunately has wall to wall hunting and fishing (and infomercials) on for the rest of the day.

I was able to confirm my position on the red carpet this afternoon so that should be interesting. Being from Nashville, you would think that I wouldn't be that excited about it since we have so many red carpets with country music singers and all, but with the best hockey players in the world it has a more interesting twist. Also, country stars don't walk in with the cup as Evgeni Malkin and Max Talbot are expected to do.

Even though I am at the center of the Awards Show activity, it is amazing how removed from the hockey world I feel, having been removed from the internet for about the last 24 hours. Things should pick up in a few hours when all the activities get rolling. has a blog
going for the event that will catch everyone up on activities leading up to today's main event. They also have a good story on Alexander Ovechkin's first trip to Sin City. It sounds like he really likes it. Here are cool pictures from Wednesday's charity poker event where the tables look like a rink.

The Las Vegas Sun is also giving good coverage to the event here.

In the Predator World...

Plans are being finalized for next Friday's Draft Party Tweetup at O'Charlie's in Franklin. To respond to the TwtVite go here. Dani has Tweeted about the event so a listing will be forthcoming at the NHL Tweetup site where you can also agree to attend the TweetUp in Hamilton on MakeItSeven day. They have two attendees so far which is a third of the six fans that they allege are in Phoenix. Funny!

Forechecker has a whole slew of new posts today including a job posting for the Preds Zamboni driver, Make It Seven's email spam crusade, and a lot more at OnTheForecheck.

Mark at TheViewFrom111 gives Sully best wishes and lays a heavy burden on me as the sole provider of local coverage of the awards show. We'll do our best.

Paul McCann has his end of year review of his pre-season prognostications in an effort to hold himself accountable.

Around the NHL...

Time for a recount... The Hockey Barn awards are out and @dani3boyz did not win the Hockey Mom/Dad of the year. I'm sure the winner was deserving, but sad to see that Dani did not win.

Slapshot has a few alternative awards that we won't see tonight.

Chris Botta has an interview with agent Pat Brisson, who represents John Taveras and Matt Duchene. Brisson, admitting bias, predicts that that The Isles will take one of his clients first. I guess Hedman is the odd man out?

From @umassdilo NHL Communications head, Day Two of the #NHLDraft will be streamed live on

Tim Thomas, Kris Versteeg, George Maloof will guest on 'NHL Hour With Commissioner Gary Bettman' today on SIRIUS XM live from Vegas. I might try to slip in the back door and check it out.

More later...

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass


I just had a talk with Gerry Helper from the Preds. He is a really nice guy. This is his first trip to Vegas. I made arrangements to talk to Sully this afternoon.

Far fetched rumor of the day... Tavares to Nashville

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Dani said...

I've been a bit out the loop for a few days and I missed this!

Leslie was very deserving of the Hockey Mom Writer of the Year Award.

Thanks for the mention and your support. :)