Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Phoenix: The Aftermath and Tuesday Updates

First off, I would like to thank our guests on Monday's POTG Radio, Travis Hair of Five for Howling and Matt Prielipp of DaBuzz Media. It was a fun show highlighted by the breaking news of the Coyotes staying in Phoenix.

Once again, the power of a worldwide network of people posting on Twitter was shown to be the fastest way to get any breaking news or story. It was really amazing to see the first tweet on the Tweetdeck and having Chris Wassel and several folks in our POTG Radio chat room posting links with additional information as the show progressed.

I know it is hard to explain to many of our Canadian readers that it was exciting for me to see the Coyotes staying in Phoenix. Over the last month or so, I've formed an odd kinship with several of the leaders in the Save The Coyotes group, primarily because they were where Predator fans were two summers ago. I was on the same emotional roller coaster that they have been on and could relate only as someone who has been there before.

I know that fans in Winnipeg, Quebec, Hartford and other places have been there too, but Nashville and Phoenix share the same adversary who used unconventional methods to obtain both franchises with out playing by the NHL "rules".

The judge was clear that Balsillie's fatal mistake was trying to set his own agenda and time table. Bankruptcy courts are very procedural and will not be pressured into moving quicker than the process takes.

I, personally am a big supporter of a second team in the GTA but I also am in the minority that I would like to see it through an open bid for an expansion franchise that would let the market place a price on the value.

I don't think the whole Phoenix-Balsillie battle is over as I expect the Make It Seven camp to continue to pursue the Coyotes through the more orderly bid process that will take place over the summer. As we saw in Nashville, the high bidder probably won't win if there are locals that will take care of the City of Glendale and the lease situation on the arena.

The reaction in the media has been varied. Dirk at On The Forecheck had a great analysis of the situation last night that was astounding in the depth of analysis. Dee, the Islanders, Seventh Woman, had the best human interest story on the ruling.

Other Pred beat folks that had the "been there, done that" view on the story include Mark at The View From 111, Paul McCann, and John Glennon.

Local coverage and reaction from Phoenix can be found at SaveTheCoyotes, Fanster, Sports Arizona, and of course, Five For Howling.

The Canadian view can be found at The Star, the Globe and Mail, National Post, and MakeItSeven.

The raw document of the ruling can be found here.

Bill Daly's statement on behalf of the NHL is here.

On the Predators Beat...

Big news today that Martin Gelinas was named the director of player development for the Predators. This is a great choice as he was almost like an extra on-ice coach when he was with the Preds two years ago. His guidance really helped Jordin Tootoo become more of an offensive player, working long after practice to help Toots become more of a scoring threat. I never really understood why the Preds did not bring him back last year when they needed offensive help so desperately. Mark, Brandon, Rachel and Dirk share my enthusiasm for the hiring.

Forechecker has a good roundup of stories today here.

Rachel at What the Puck has a new story that covers several topics.

Around the NHL...

Matt at The View From My Seats has started a feature of taking the top eleven teams in the draft and has lined up a local writer from each team to give insight into each teams strengths, weaknesses, needs and what is expected on draft day. POTG contribution to the project will be posted on the actual draft day, June 26.

For those who care, Sean Avery was on Jimmy Fallon's show Monday night.

More later... (hopefully including my picks for the NHL Awards show)

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass

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