Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday Highlights and Game Four Notes

Tonight's game between The Wings and Pens is a tough one to call. After listening and reading to every opinion imaginable for over 36 hours, I have come to the conclusion that you can find an opinion that says just about anything.

Was game three an aberration or a turnaround for the Pens? Was it really the Wings "best game" even though they lost. Will Datsyuk return and play at full speed? Will Sidney score a goal? With Draper playing, who will sit and is it a good idea? The list of questions is endless.

I am going to go back to my original thought prior to game two, which was that the Pens would win one at home and that the Wings will clinch on Saturday night in Detroit. So there's my pick for the Twtpool for today and Saturday - Detroit.

Ryan at the RLD has his preview and sim game (soon) to preview tonight's game four.

In Nashville News...

Forechecker points to an article that came out on Wednesday where the Tennessee Legislature is wanting to shake down visiting pro athletes to the tune of $2500 each when they play in the state. Oddly enough it only applies to the Preds and Grizzlies and not the Titans. If we are going to do this, we might as well tax NASCAR drivers, PGA golfers, Bowlers, Ultimate fighters, and so on. The list is endless. Forechecker also has his Thursday morning round-up ready for reading.

An article on has a short piece on a short haired, Ryan Jones. Ryan chopped off his locks for Pink Heart Funds, an outfit that makes wigs for kids and adults with cancer.

David Boclair has a story about former Preds Captain Tom Fitzgerald, who is a coach for Pittsburgh. The Captain was also on the Hockey Prospects Show on XM last weekend. It's always good to hear of a former Pred doing well. He had a son that played soccer with my boys at Crocket Park in Brentwood and he was just one of the parents on Saturday mornings.

POTG would like to thank the unknown person who nominated us in the "Best Blog" category of the Toast of Music City Awards. I had nominated Forchecker and then we got on the list too. So when you go to cast you vote, think hockey! Dirk and I each have a banner link on our sites for your convenience.

Here's another article from the Preds, highlighting Steve Sullivan's appearance at the NHL charity event being held in conjunction with the NHL Awards show.

Around the NHL...

From the National Post comes this latest volley between Bettman and the Balsillie camp over whether $212 Million is really $212 million. My new acquaintance at Make It Seven, Bill Walker, sets the record straight in the article and says it is indeed $212 million. Meanwhile Jim Balsillie submitted his letters of reference to the NHL.

I don't really want to comment on the rumor that Ray Emory may be headed to the Flyers so I'll let Chris at The Program do the honors with his "Insert Laugh Here" story.

More draft prospect info from John Jordan in Tampa who met with a few of the top guys while they toured Tampa.

Seventh woman talks about "Oz", Columbus and Lighthouse projects. I guess some folks think lower Broad in Nashville is a pre-made version of these utopia settings around arenas. I remember the lower Broad of my youth when it was filled with prostitutes, druggies etc. Some might say it hasn't changed but at leas the city has cleaned it up a lot to give it a more tourist friendly look.

There is another edition of "The One Percentile" podcast over at XM204 with Mick Kern and Erig Gage. I need to load it on to the IPod for our upcoming trip for those desolate hours in the car when XM204 is on weekend reruns.

I mentioned Tom Glavine's release by the Braves yesterday and I am really sorry that they did that. He had done well in his rehab stints and appeared ready for a start for the Braves. The Braves claim the $1 million bonus they would have paid Glavine if he made the roster did not play in to it. Quotes from the linked article indicate that Chipper Jones was not pleased with the decision either. After not resigning John Smotz, Chipper is the last link to the Braves' successes of the early '90s.
Happier Times: Ted Turner and Glavine from 10-28-95 (my 40th birthday). I was at this game when the Braves won the World Series against Cleveland.

From way out of left field comes this article about who will be the country music artist of the decade in 2019. (Don't ask how I found it) Anyway, in addition to some talk of 29 yr old Taylor Swift, there is a throwaway line about the ACM Awards getting pushed back for a night "because the Nashville Predators had just defeated the New York Rangers to win their third consecutive Stanley Cup." We can only dream (that there is still a team here?).

More later...

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass


Rachel at WhatThePuck informs us of an HLOG "Ladies Night" live blog starting 15 minutes before game time tonight.

Good story about Chris Osgood and the Wings outlook on tonight's game from Puck Daddy.

Eric Smith pointed us to this entry from LightTheLamp which has more details about the Arena situation in Columbus.

This could really change the dynamics of Jim Ballsillie's efforts in Phoenix. According to the National Post, a new group with a billion dollars in it's war chest is planning a press conference for Friday that they would like to propose an NHL expansion franchise for the GTA that would start play beginning in 2012. Here is the official release for the presser.

Another release from Make It Seven with poling data and economic benefits for the proposed move for the Coyotes. Do you think this data would work for the billion dollar group from the above post.

From Denver, Joe Sacco to be Avs new coach. This will be confusing.

Tony La Russa has sued Twitter over a parody account saying the remarks were "derogatory and demeaning" and damaged La Russa's trademark rights. I guess baseball folks have less of a sense of humor than hockey guys.

Here's more detailed news from the Star on the Billion Dollar Boys wanting to put a second team in the GTA.

Here's Brian Metzer's pre-game Pens posting.

Mark at TheViewFrom111 announces an award given by that will warm the cockles of every Predators fan's heart. I feel privileged to have attended the award winning event. Here's a little reminder of the pounding Belak put on Brashear.

Jackson likes this past Wings locker room celebration video from last year.

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