Sunday, June 21, 2009

Video Interviews from the NHL Award Show

As promised, I uploaded a bunch of the video from the NHL Awards show at the Palms Resort and Casino from last Thursday night. Hopefully, this many videos in one post won't melt down any CPUs.

We were given an opportunity to speak with the players briefly before the Red Carpet and then again with the winners after they received their awards.

The following videos seem somewhat random and out of contest at times but will give you an idea of what it was like to be at the awards show and hear what the players had to say.

First video is with Nicklas Lidstrom, of the Detroit Red Wings. He discusses the last shot that could have tied game seven as well as the alleged snub by Sidney Crosby.

Fellow Red Wing, Pavel Datsyuk discusses his first "fantasy pick", how many awards he wants to win, and then stone walls me on a discussion about the KHL.

Next clip is raw footage from the Red Carpet outside the Palms Resort. The video includes Rob Simpson, the Arkells, Dan Bylsma, Geno Malkin, Max Talbot, Jeremy Roenick, Steve Sullivan, Michael Buble, Alexander Ovechkin, Pavel Datsyuk, Sergi Federov and about 50 more players and celebrities. See who you can find in the video. A favorite of the ladies seems to be a brief interview with Michael Buble at the 6:13 mark.

Vancouver's Roberto Luongo speaks briefly about winning the NHL Fan Fav Award.

Ethan Moreau, from Edmonton, talks about winning the King Clancy Trophy based on his volunteer work in his community. He also discusses the rumors that the Oilers may be interested in acquiring Dany Heatly.

Tim Thomas of Boston was one of the more enjoyable players to listen to after winning he won the Vezina Trophy. He was very emotional on the podium and incredibly reflective in this video. I got to ask him about the 2010 Olympics and he has an interesting response. You can't help but become a fan of Thomas after hearing his story.

Folks in Nashville may be disappointed that Pekka Rinne did not win the Calder Trophy but it was much closer than we realized when he did not make the top three. He finished fourth, only four points away from third place. This video of Steve Mason really shows how young and shy he is off the ice. We did discuss the upcoming season and how tough the Central Division will be.

Zdeno Chara unseated Nicklas Lidstrom from his domination of the Norris Trophy and is very grateful for the award in this video. When asked how he will celebrate the award, he made a humorous comment and then his love for his family and daughter really shows through. What a great guy Zdeno really is.

The interview everyone was waiting for was Alexander Ovechkin. This was his first trip to Las Vegas and I doubt it will be his last. He fell in love with all the attention and the city fell in love with him. He was clear to point out that the Russians won six trophies. Plans for celebration, go to the pool, have a couple of beers.

Sergei Fedorov was officially on hand as a presenter but appeared to act as a handler for Ovechkin and Geno Malkin. Malkin was very shy about speaking English and actually refused an interview with me one on one because no one else was there to help with the language.

Fedorov did give an interview in the hallway after the official activities had ended and discussed the big night for the Russians and his status for the upcoming season and the possibility of going to the KHL.

Finally, just to add a bit of flavor for the Awards Show After-Party at the Rain Nightclub, here is a 360 degree panorama clip from the center of the round room. All of the NHL Trophies were placed on the stage for viewing and pictures. Lord Stanley had received quite a workout during the day and was probably pleased to rest on center stage.

I hope you enjoyed the videos. Admittedly, they weren't the highest quality at times, but is is probably more quantity than you will find elsewhere.

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass

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