Friday, September 4, 2009

TGIF Edition: Have a Great Holiday Weekend

I know most folks are looking forward to the long holiday weekend (in the US) as much as I am. This has been a hellish week and again I thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers for wife Cathy and me as we have had to deal with a health emergency.

Even though Monday is a holiday, I'll give advance notice that POTG Radio will indeed be on at the usual time of 7:00 Central. With all the turmoil in the desert, we will have Travis Hair from Five for Howling on to discuss the latest twists and turns in the bankruptcy case. We may add others so check in on Monday to see what we are up to.

As a show host, you sometimes wonder if folks are listening. At the recent Tweetup in Nashville, several folks hopefully asked if we were going to have a show on Labor Day. That was a real encouragement and confirmation that we did the right thing by not taking time off during the hockey starved summer months.

In the next few weeks we expect to have Ryan from the Red Light District to preview the Western Conference, Katrina from Pyscho Lady Hockey, Russ Cohen author of 100 Ranger Greats (when the book releases) and Sportology, and as we found out yesterday, broadcast legend Eli Gold, whose new book from Peanuts to the Pressbox will be out in a few weeks. As mentioned below, we will also have Launy "The" Schwartz of on before their site kicks off.

In Pred Nation...

Forechecker has an in depth article with a look back at the circumstances of Jim Ballsillie's prior attempt to move the Predators to Hamilton. He also has news that Google Calender has added NHL hockey to it's features and a summary of the Pred's Fest email that was released yesterday. As always he served Friday's Breakfast Links with sad news about a broadcast Legend Ernie Harwell.

John Glennon finishes up his line a day week at the Tennessean with thoughts on the Pred's tough guy line.

Ryan Miller at Admirals Short Shifts has a post about players you may not know that will be in Milwaukee this season.

Around the NHL...

Ex-NHLPA head Paul Kelly spoke out defending his actions a couple of days after the union kicked him out in the middle of the night. Glenn Healy also stepped down on Thursday.

ESPN's Scott Burnside looks at the mess awaiting the next NHLPA Head in an insightful piece that looks at the unions's recent history.

Michelle Kenneth points us to a Fire and Ice article where Brendan Shanahan questions the way things went down on the NHLPA vote to oust Kelly.

If you are looking for a hockey podcast to listen to at work today, The Globe podcast with James Mirtle and others, wraps up a turbulent week before the holidays.

Ex- Predator Mike "Suitcase" Sillinger has been named Edmonton's director of player development. Sillinger retired a couple of weeks ago from the Islanders. He always seemed to be a class guy and holds the NHL record for playing for twelve different teams.

Pensburgh has a post that claims Jim Ballsillie had no intent of moving the Pens out of Pittsburgh. Mirtle also has a story on Ballsillie and the Pens.

Our friends at have a Save the Date invitation on Facebook announcing the rollout of their site that has been in development over the summer. The date is October 1st, the first day of the new season. That should make it easy to remember. We plan on having Launy "The" Schwartz back on POTG Radio prior to the kickoff. He has been a favorite guest so far on the show. It was great meeting him and his wife and project partner Dahlia in Vegas at the Awards show.

Puck Daddy checks in on the ongoing DirecTV - Versus dispute. I will continue to say that it will be worked out prior to the season starting.

Finally, today is the day when The Program's Chris Wassel relocates from the California desert back to New Jersey. We wish Chris traveling mercies and best of luck as Hockey Director of Fan Huddle that kicks off on September 10.

More Later...

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