Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Busy Week for Preds Fans

This is a busy week for Predator fans starting with last night's Meet The Team Party for STH and continuing on with three events tonight. Tomorrow is the home opener, starting a streak of three home games in five nights.

Last night's meet the team party at the Sommet Center was one of the best in the team's history. Players were seated at tables in groups of two and three throughout the concourse giving fans their choice of which line to go to. The old method of colored tickets has gone by the wayside.

Kelly at Confessions of a Predator Fanatic probably captures the fan's view of last night's meet the team event much better than I could ever dream about.

We had an opportunity to talk to the Predator's new Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Derek Perez. He and Jackson hit it off quickly as both are avid skate boarders. Derek has a long board and likes to cruise around checking out the sites in Nashville so if you see him try not to hit him with your car. He has great things in store for the Preds.

We also got to visit with a bunch of readers and other writers at the event last night. Thanks to everyone who introduced themselves.

Everyone will have a chance to see Derek Perez talking social media tonight at the Social Media Club (Hockey Version) meeting and panel. It should be an interesting discussion with Dirk Hoag, Codey Holland, Rob Robinson and @predfans creator Paul Nicholson in addition to Derek. Paul is going to run a Ustream feed, so if you can't make it you can still check it out.

Paul McCann and Pete Weber will be talking to Dan Tencer of Edmonton about the Oilers upcoming visit to Nashville on Hockey Buzz Radio tonight at 6 p.m. on WNSR.

Finally, the third Predator happening tonight involves Tom Callahan doing a live remote on 104.5 with Wade Belak and Ben Guite live from Blackstone Brewery on West End tonight from 6-7.

Podcast Appearance...

I was able to be a guest on one of my favorite radio shows last night, The Rink Podcast. It was Episode 48 and was their second "Tweetcast" edition. It is a great listen hosed by James "Tapeleg" Gralain. Others appearing in last night's episode were fellow Tweeters @ryanclassic @hildymac @koomdogg @TheGoalieGuild @stevelepore.

In Pred Nation...

Bryan Mullen reports that Barry Trotz is giving no hints about Thursday's starter in goal and also has a piece about Patric Hornqvist.

Mark from the View From 111 had an opportunity to lunch with Stu Grimson this week and has a great article about their conversation. This is really a good read about one of the good guys in hockey. I met Stu when he first came to town and he was very nice to Fisher and Jackson who were astounded to meet Stu. We even got a letter from him where Stu responded to a note the boys sent him.

Adrian Dater reported that Avs goalie Craig Anderson sat out Tuesday's practice with a "slight groin pull." I guess we will see how slight it is tomorrow night.

Ryan at the RLD has more on the Pred's potential to benefit from the Titan's 0-4 start.

Forechecker is doing what he does best, looking inside the numbers for each Preds game. He also has an update on the Pred's always popular Dex Score and Win Program for Middle TN charities. This morning Dirk reports that Hockey Analytics has released Alan Ryder 2009 NHL Season Preview and Dirk say's if is worth a lunch hour to read.

Jim Diamond discusses European trips with Barry Trotz and analyzes how it can have a negative effect of the start of the season.

I saw an odd Tweet on Tuesday about Dave Scatchard being waived by the Preds and it appears that he was signed to a two-way deal and will report to Milwaukee. Admiral's Short Shifts has the story.

Big Kev is ready for the season and has a few thoughts.

Nashville is Smashville starts a series where he is ranking the top 25 all time Preds players and starts with Drake Berehowski at Number 25.

USA Hockey has a story about Ryan Suter and his Olympic family tree.

From the Tribune comes news that the Predators have hired Ben Vanderklok as an assistant goaltending coach. The 27 year old coach will split time between the Preds and the Niagara Ice Dogs.

The Preds made a jump in the SB Nation Power Ratings but are still behind Dallas. Based on the new ratings, the Central is looking tougher than at the start of the season.

Belated (by a day) Birthday wishes to readers @amypredsfan and current ones (today) to @karpo and @Joe_Fortunato.

Around the NHL...

Local boy, Joshua Sacco made his national debut on the Ellen Show on Tuesday. The video is worth a look as it was the show's video of the day. He was very conversational for a five year old. He also recited his entire Miracle speech live without a hitch. Amazing! He even got a free trip to the Olympics out of the appearance. He was rumored to have been at the Sommet last night but we never caught a glimpse of the kid. I guess I'll cut him some slack for not making POTG Radio this week since he had a bigger audience on the national platform.

Mirtle puts a wrap on Jim Ballsillie's failed bid for the Coyotes and takes a look at the fallout from the whole ordeal.

Nick at Let There Be Light(house) goes back to square one with why the LH project is needed. This morning, Nick points us to a post comparing Kate Murray to Walter O'Malley at Islanders 360.

Psycho Puck Lady was busy as she reports on Day 2 of her Pittsburgh adventure and also has her Tuesday Top Ten that highlights her favorite ten things in Pittsburgh.

Finally, the FTC has imposed new rules on bloggers and Tweeters that require full disclosure is someone is paying you or giving free products. This is a problem that we would love to have. If anyone that wants to give us something, we would be happy to give full disclosure and props all day long. Send it on. We'll take anything. If it's free, it's me!

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