Friday, October 16, 2009

The Morning After (Chicago)...

This is a bit of a shorter version of POTG than usual as I am doing a hundred different things to try to get out of town. The plan for the next ten days is to run a daily "best of" series and supplement with updates as best as I can due to the scarcity of internet in the outback where I'm headed.

POTG Radio will return on Monday, October 26 when we will have Mark Willoughby from The View from 111 and Russ Cohen, author of 100 Ranger Greats. Russ also does the Prospects Show and Business of Hockey Show on XM204 and also runs the Sportsology media empire.

Last night's game was somewhat positive, only in the fact that the Predators were competitive with a quality team. A loss is still a loss so the relatively decent performance was only so in comparison to the two prior blowout contests.

Here is our take on the game from last night, now updated with videos of Barry Trotz and audio from Jason Arnott, Colin Wilson, Marty Erat and J.P. Dumont. I'm not sure what the issue with Youtube was, but it appears to be better this morning.

Other Chicago vs. Preds Wrap-ups...

Bryan Mullen has the story for the Tennessean and also a discussion of special teams.

David Boclair at the City Paper celebrated the fact that there was not a goalie pull in last night's game. He also has a story at the Scene about the Pred's goalies.

Other views of last night's contest include stories from, Forechecker, Brandon Felder, The View from 111, Section 303, What The Puck, Big Kev and See Puck City.

In Preds Nation...

Paul Fenton was named the Assistant Coach for the USA Select team.

Pete Weber made his weekly stop at Hockey This Morning to talk about the Western Conference.

Follow up from the Preds loss in Dallas includes Razor Reaugh's comments on the free game folks got from his 'guarantee."

Admirals Short Shifts looks at the team's trip to the far left coast as well as the departure of Cal O'Reilly.

The Cincinnati Cyclones, the Pred's ECHL, affiliate open the season tonight in Elmira, NY. Cycwords has the roster breakdown.

Around the NHL...

Today is the final episode in Matt Reitz's Social Media and Hockey Series with input from Eddie Garcia and Doug Stolhand who do the Puck Podcast. Matt has really done a good job on this bringing several folks together in the series with different backgrounds and viewpoints. Thanks again to Matt for letting us participate.

All the rumors about Wang pulling out of the Lighthouse Project appear to be just that, rumors according to a quote from Wang himself on Thursday morning.

Here is the complete text of the statement, directly from Charles Wang himself.

XM's Hockey This Morning previewed a new series "Hockey Dairies" that will begin on Monday from Media Chameleon. It is an audio documentary that follows the lives on and off the ice of Karl Alzner and Brooks Laich of the Washington Capitals for the last season.

Puck Daddy continues his series of Jersey Fouls including a really bad one of "Sutter" from Nashville from Paul Nicholson.

In Phoenix, Jerry Moyes continues onward with his misuse of the court system proceeding with his ant-trust suit versus the NHL.

Finally, as I head off into the desert sunset for a few days, I leave you with the sickest goal ever by a nine year old. Sign him up!

More Later...

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass

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