Monday, October 26, 2009

POTG Radio Tonight with Russ Cohen and Mark Willoughby

We are finally back from out Southwestern adventure and ready to gear up and pick up where we left off about ten days ago. I'm sure it will take a few days to get back up to speed as I had very limited access to the internet and ability to listen to the last four road games.

From the limited information that I did see, it does appear that things may not be as bad as they seem if the Predators can right the ship this week and get on a streak with three winnable games on the horizon. As bad as things have been, the Preds are still only six points out of the division lead and a couple of points behind third place St. Louis.

This will be an important week in seeing if the Predators can pull it together and play offense and defense in the same game and continue to build on a few positives that have come in the last four games.

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After a two week hiatus POTG Radio will return tonight at 7:00 Central when we will have Mark Willoughby from The View from 111 and Russ Cohen, author of 100 Ranger Greats. Russ also does the Prospects Show and Business of Hockey Show on XM204 and also runs the Sportsology media empire.

I will be heavily dependent on our guests to bring me back into the loop on recent happenings in Nashville and around the league. Mark has been keeping tabs on the Preds for me and should have interesting insight into the current situation.

I was able to read a good part of 100 Ranger Greats so I'm looking forward to talking to Russ about the book and some of their choices. We also will have Russ bring us up to speed on a few prospects that have broken through early in the season and who to watch for as call-ups in the next few months.

Please join us live at 7:00 Central or after the show on the podcast.

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