Friday, October 9, 2009

TGIF Morning Round-Up After A Big Pred Win

With last night's victory in hand there is plenty of joy in Pred Nation this morning as the fans are enjoying the team's 2-0 record and looking forward to Saturday's game with the Buffalo Sabres.

Here is the link to our game coverage from last night.

Three non-on-ice memories from the game really stand out. First, there was the spontaneous two minute standing ovation from the crowd during the final TV time out during the third period after the Preds had taken the lead. Secondly, the video of five year-old Joshua Sacco doing his "Miracle" speech to inspire the Pred mascots was a blast. Finally, not a big deal but for the first time in franchise history the Preds are free to "hair skate" during warm-ups. After watching nothing but helmets for twelve years, this was different.

Joshua Sacco Doing the Preds Version of the Miracle Speech

The Predators in-game operations team really kicked it up a notch for the season opener with a new intro video and several other clips to really get the crowd going.

MSM and Blog Game Reports...

John Glennon at The Tennessean has his game account along with a piece about the waived off goal. John also has several interesting notes in a separate column. He even has more at Inside Predators. The Tennessean also had a few photos from opening night.

Jim Diamond has the game story for the Examiner. Brandon Felder has plenty of detail on the game at Hockey Buzz.

Other accounts are provided by, Dirk Hoag, the Forechecker, who had a tough time getting to the game, Jeremy at Section 303, See Puck City, The City Paper, and Fan Huddle,

Sully even gave his two cents when he Tweeted @Sully26: "We found a way to get it done again tonight. Not our best game but timely goals from the 'Swede'. Glad to see him tuck a few tonight."

Game Highlights

In Pred Nation...

Leftover from the Social Media Club Nashville even on Wednesday night is this special 303:30 audio clip that was made specially for the event. See Puck City also has a post about the event.

From @Short_Shifts: Jeremy Smith sent to Cincy. Our Monday night guest on POTG, Ryan Miller, did the weekend preview on Admiral's TV. Watch it here.

Here is an audio clip from XM 204 HTM with Pete Weber talking about the Western Conference on Thursday.

Around the NHL...

Chris Chelios appears headed for the Chicago Wolves next week where we will probably sign a contract. It's still not to late for the Preds to jump in and make an offer.

Ryan Campbell at Daily Face Off does a lot of higher math to correlate Face Off win percentage with power play, penalty kill, five on five, and points earned per game. The results may surprise you.

Michelle Kenneth has part two of her interview with David Clarkson where you learn about his work with kids who have cancer. Michelle berated me yesterday for missing the naked NHLer picture on her site. Now that I've seen it, I'll never be the same again. Michelle even made to to the main WordPress page with the picture and story.

Brad Staubitz getting suspended is no surprise. After what he did to Jordin Tootoo with his MMA elbow moves last year, I'm not surprised at anything he does.

Maybe Versus carrying the UFL will create the final push to get the deal done with DirectTV ;)

Canadian Thanksgiving is Monday. I always wondered how if differed from American Thanksgiving. Juno and the Mac guy show how they live it up north of the border. Thanks to @wraparoundcurl for the educational link.

Finally, Tapeleg points us to Flo from the Progressive commercial doing stand up comedy. I detest the commercials and it appears that she is only slightly more tolerable in real life.

More Later...

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass

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