Friday, November 13, 2009

Pred's Future Looks Bright after a Big Win

I've always lived by the premise that things are never as good or as bad as the seem at any given moment, but I am pleased with he direction that Barry Trotz has the Predators headed in.

The Predators were able to outplay their opponent on the road and bring the effort for the full sixty minutes, and close the deal last night against the Blues, something that they were unable to do against the Sharks on Tuesday. Here is our game story from last night.

Barry Trotz claims that the Preds had one bad period against Anaheim and played well the rest of the four game road trip. It was very much a positive to see that the character of this year's team helped them overcome Tuesday's heartbreaking loss and play an outstanding game against the Blues.

With the Preds sitting at .500 after a road-heavy schedule and battling through injuries to most of their key skaters, they are in a position to return home and really try to make a move in the Western Conference standings over the next 30 days.

They are currently three points out of a play off spot and play 12 of their next 15 games on home ice so there is plenty of opportunity for a successful move if they can continue to play with the same intensity that they have for the last three games.

They seem to have found that firing shots toward the net and having folks nearby for rebounds will pay big dividends. They still suffer from a lack of scoring but if they continue as they have the last couple of games the problem should resolve itself.

Starting on Saturday night, the Predators fans need to start packing the Sommet Center and lend support to this hard working group of Preds that I feel still has the potential to make the playoffs and go further than the first round.

Other Takes on the Preds Win...

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In Pred Nation...

News this morning from Inside Predators that Colin Wilson may be able to return next week.

Forechecker has an extensive article urging the Predators to consider a trade for Dallas winger, Fabian Brunstrom. He doesn't seem like the classic fit on a Barry Trotz team (read weak on defense) but Dirk make a compelling argument for the benefits he could bring to the Preds.

Jim Diamond has followup on his prior post on the Forbes story about team valuation.

Mark has our Friday Favorite My View at The View from 111. He also bashes the formally respected Forbes for their ill written story.

Eric Kent has the good news of a big win for the Milwaukee Admirals on Thursday night.

For those looking for a new place to park for Preds games, the ATT building is now offering game night parking. I like where I park now as it is easy in and out and only $5.

Around the NHL...

A committee to look further into head shots was formed at the GM meetings this week. In the midst of all the head shot discussion, Mirtle spoke with Grant Exelby who is now one of seven NHLers wearing the new Cascade M11 helmet.

Lots of talk about the Avalanche's new third jersey including opinions from Puck Daddy and Mirtle.

Matt Reitz has a look at teams taking to the road and the differences from playing at home.

Off topic but Michelle Kenneth has surprising news about sugar substitutes and weight loss as well as an update on her book project. Michell will join us on Monday's POTG Radio once again to talk about the Devils-Preds match-up next Thursday.

Finally, from @karpo: Shark vs. Octopus: guess who wins #thingsYouDontSeeEveryday. I wonder if this has hockey implications.

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