Thursday, December 3, 2009

Have I Expressed How Much I Hate Three Point Games Lately?

After last night's loss, I was lamenting the fact that we got a point out of a losing effort. We lost the game fair and square and it clearly felt like a loss. So why should we have gotten a point out of the deal?

I try not to get on a soap box about this as often as I feel like doing so, but last Saturday when the Predators clearly beat the Panthers, by three goals, we only got one more point than a bunch of losers that managed to drag the game into overtime. That is clearly not right.

Eleven of twelve Western Conference teams picked up at least a point on November 28 with four intra-conference games being decided in shoot-outs. In this messed up world of "fairness" and "political correctness" how is it possible that Edmonton was left as the only Western team that played that did not get a point since they were beaten 7-3 by Vancouver.

Should there have been a committee meeting to award a half point to the Oilers so they wouldn't feel left out since the three point games are so "inclusive"?

Pierre LeBrun has a story today about going to a three point per game system and has the standings with the adjustments made to dishing out three points for every game. He points out that 28 percent of the games this season have had three points awarded due to overtime or shootout.

I am in the minority (possible because I am older and was not raised in the "inclusive" era of this generation) but I think we need to go to every game being worth two points regardless of when or how it ends.

This would put an end to teams playing to get into overtime to get a point at the end of regulation and put a premium on playing full out for sixty minutes to get the win.

Some will argue that a two point swing should not be awarded for what has become an individual skills competition in shootouts and I don't disagree with that, but that's a story for another day.

I'm sure my win-lose approach is rooted in the fact that I grew up with a father that fought in World War II who taught me wars were meant to be won and not politicized.

The same should apply to hockey. I want to see a clear winner who carries home two points, and a loser who hopes to do better next time. There is no reason to give the losing team half a portion of milk and cookies just for hanging in the game past the original sixty minutes.

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