Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hump Day Preds Perspective

Preds-Canucks Highlights minus the Smithson hit on Burrows

I am patiently waiting this morning to hear something from the NHL on Jerred Smithson's hit on Alex Burrows. I am fully in agreement with Smitty and Barry Trotz that it was a legal hit and that Jackson's favorite non-Predator Alex Burrows did a really poor acting job to draw the penalty.

Interviews with Smithson and Trotz can be found at last night's game wrap-up.

Also, at last night's game I was able to spend a few minutes speaking with player agent Jay Grossman of Puck Agency, LLC. who represents the Pekka Rinne, the Canuck's Mikal Samuelsson, Illya Kovalchuk, Alexander Radulov (formally), and several other star players. It was a pleasure meeting with him to hear his perspective. We hope to have him on POTG Radio in January to cover a wide range of agent, NHLPA and NHL issues from a different perspective..

Stories from the Preds victory over the Canucks...

Bryan Mullen has the game story and the Smithson hit update at the Tennessean.

Jim Diamond's story at the Examiner focuses on the Jerred Smithson hit.

David Boclair has the wrap up at the City Paper.

In the blog world Brandon Felder, Forechecker, See Puck City, What the Puck, and Fan Huddle all have stories.

Marty Erat made Puck Daddy's first star of the night.

In Pred Nation...

On Goal Analysis is already tooting our appearance on their JabberHockey BTR show on Sunday. It will be a busy afternoon as I will be on The Hockey Guys show a few hours earlier.

Mark Willoughby from The View from 111 will be the guest, once again, on Hockey Buzz Radio tonight starting at 6:00 on WNSR.

Rachel at What The Puck made the final five at the Predators blog off and mentions Forechecker's slanderous tactics.

When the season started Mark Dekanich was third in line for the Preds number one job and was a pulled hammy away from dressing for the NHL Team. He probably could not spell ECHL, much less think about playing there this season. Now he receives the award for the Goalie of the Week for his 2-0 record during his brief stay in Cincinnati last week.

In spite of all the controversy between Sommet and the Preds, the Sommet Center is a finalist in the Pollstar Arena of the year competition.

This is interesting. On Saturday, the Preds plan to have a Jewish Heritage Night with a Chanukah celebration before the game on Saturday. I like special treats. I wonder which concession stand will have them.

Mike Russo of the Star Tribune, who was here on Saturday, has a good piece on the relationship between Pekka Rinne and Niclas Backstrom.

David Singleton of Hockey Independent has an article with an invitation the the Predator's Pity Party.

Bird Watchers Anonymous has an article on Salary Efficiency Ratings. This is an area that the Preds excel in.

Finally, POTG reader Crummy Joel was interviewed about church signs, his music and a bunch of other stuff. It is an interesting read. We like seeing our readers get good pub.

More Later...

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