Friday, December 11, 2009

Late Day Musings on TGIF

The Predator's win last night was some comfort for fans who have not seen the team play with much consistency since the end of their seven game win streak. Last night's win provided the first back to back win since before Thanksgiving.

The victory also move the Predators within three points of the division leading Chicago Black Hawks, and six points within the Western Conference leading San Jose Sharks.

According to SportsClubStats, the Predators are up to having a 49% chance of making the playoffs. They also calculate that if the Preds go 26-20-5 for the rest of the season, they will have 95 points which would give then a 91.5% chance of making the playoffs.

For those who missed the game, here are the video highlights from the NHL.

Views of the Preds- Jackets Game...

Here is our story and postgames from the Preds game last night.

John Glennon has his game story, notes and extensive ponderings at Inside Predators.

Jim Diamond has his game story as does David Boclair.

A trip around the blogs has stories from Brandon Felder, Forechecker, The View from 111, Pull My (Fang) Finger, What the Puck, and Fan Huddle.

The other side of the story come from Aaron Portzline.

In Pred Nation...

Here is more information from John Glennon on the decision to send Cal O'Reily to Milwaukee. The waiver situation facing O'Reilly may prevent another call-up until the Predators are either willing to keep him on the roster permanently or risk losing him to another team as they did with Rich Perverly last season.

This may be the shocker of the day. Marty Erat is finally out of the Section 303 doghouse.

Mark as the weekly My View that we always look forward to.

Finally, there are less than 1500 tickets available for the Preds game with the Red Wings on Saturday night. If you plan on attending, this might be the time to act. The TicketMaster Ticket Exchange has some good seats at reasonable prices.

More Later...

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Dear Preds on the Glass:

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