Monday, December 21, 2009

POTG Radio with Russ Cohen - World Junior Preview and More

After a week off for a game against Columbus last Monday POTG Radio will reconvene with what will be a great show with special guest Russ Cohen. Russ has appeared several times in the past and is a great guest.

Russ is a multi-talented writer, radio star and a foremost expert on hockey prospects. His main base is the Sportsology web site but has recently authored a great book, 100 Ranger Greats. He also appears weekly on XM 204 Home Ice.

The main focus of this week's show will be a preview of the IIHF World Junior Championships that start on Saturday in Canada. We will also talk prospects and obviously have something to say about the Predators who are tied for the most points in the Western Conference.

Final Wrap-ups from Saturday's Preds-Flames Game...

Here is our wrap-up and story lines from Saturday.

John Glennon used his contacts to get insight from Calgary. I appreciate the effort but I hope the Tennessean doesn't get any ideas about keeping him home more often.

From Pred Blog World comes Forchecker, Mark at The View from 111, Section 303, See Puck City, Fan Huddle, and What the Puck.

The other side of the story comes from the Flames web site, the Calgary Sun, Calgary Examiner, and Calgary Herald.

In Pred Nation...

Dan Ellis will appear on NHL Live today between 11:00 and 1:00 on XM204 and the NHL Network.

In spite of being grounded by the Tennessean, John Glennon got the lowdown on Arnott's upper body injury. Although he may be questionable for Tuesday at Vancouver, it does not appear serious. John also has a story on Marcel Goc this morning.

Dirk the Forechecker crunches the numbers to give Pred fans some reasons to think the Pred's run is real.

Jim Diamond has his weekly Preds prospects feature at the Examiner.

Paul McCann received quite an honor as Puck Daddy featured him in the Five Reasons XXXX Loves Hockey series.

Preds101 has another great explanation, this time of Marty Erat's goal on Saturday.

Point 2 Point has a story about Marcel Goc.

The Admirals were 1-1 for the weekend. Short Shifts has the story of Saturday's loss and Sunday's win. I really like the tweets and pictures of the guy's assault on a White Castle in Chicago.

It's buried in the article, but the Globe and Mail said something nice about the Preds.

Interesting tweet on Saturday from @WBrettWilson: "Off to watch my wonderful PREDS play our hometown beloved FLAMES. Hope both make the playoffs. And the Preds win the cup ... Go Preds Go..." Wilson, who is a co-investor with David Freeman in several ventures. He seems fairly possessive of the Preds that he has been rumored to have an interest in buying a percentage of. He would be a great addition to the ownership group.

Around the NHL...

Ryan at the RLD sorts out the Western Conference log jam at the top.

Stay Classey has the Preds at #5 in their weekly power ratings.

James Murphy has a story about Zdeno Chara growing up playing hockey on the Vah River in Slovakia and how that might compare to the Winter Classic.

Over at Puck Daddy, Greg has the video from Don Cherry's rant on Saturday night about his recent criticism by a Canadian neurosurgeon.

Matt at View From My Seats has a little preview of the World Juniors that we will be discussing tonight.

Off Topic... In a sad note for old techies, Compuserve was put to bed last Summer and I didn't even realize it. That was the service that I cut my internet teeth on. I'm not sure if anyone else knew or cared that it was gone, but I thought it was worth a mention, even six months late.

More Later...

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