Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Preds Move in to Fifth Place Amid Controversy

With last night's surprising 3-2 win over the Canucks, the Nashville Predators leaped over Vancouver and Phoenix into fifth place in the Western Conference with 57 points. They have a chance to pick up two more points tonight in Edmonton.

Last night's game included some suspicious officiating which Jackson touched on in a late night post where Alex Burrows accused officials of a personal vendetta. Puck Daddy has more this morning.

Preds-Canucks Wrap Up...

Here is our post game report from last night.

John Glennon has his game story, notes and postgame thoughts at the Tennessean.

In the Predator blog world updates come from Forechecker, Paul McCann, What the Puck, View from 111, Fan Huddle, and See Puck City.

The other side of the story comes with all the details on the Burrow's rant can be found at The Province and The Vancouver Sun.

In Pred Nation...

Ryan Suter was named an alternate captain for Team USA at the Olympics. Congrats to Ryan!

AHL.com has a good piece on Colin Wilson. He appears to be on the way to recovery for his groin issue and could really be a shot in the arm to the Preds down the stretch.

Jim Diamond has the story of Nashville native, Blake Geoffrion making the preliminary list of Hobey Baker finalists.

Congrats to Forechecker for finishing in the top ten of NHL blogs at Buzz Manager. Based on content, community and influence, this is indeed quite an honor.

Prior to last night's game, Barry Trotz warned that if the green laser reappeared in Vancouver as it did last Saturday, he said that he would pull the Preds off the ice.

Ads Short Shifts has an update on all the injuries in Milwaukee including a new one to Ben Guite on Sunday after he was returned to the Ads after a two game stay with the Preds.

Kelly at Pred Fanantic discusses Ryan Suter's captaincy and her trip to Chicago.

Around the NHL...

The Mid-Term rankings for June's NHL Entry draft were released on Monday. All releases so far have said that the draft would be held at the Staple's Center. What about Chet Pickard's brother, Calvin as the #1 goalie in NA? I did hear one discussion on NHL Home Ice on Friday that the draft may move to one of the theaters in LA which would really cut down on the crowd size.

One of my new favorite blogs is Vintage Leaf memories. They cover a lot of NHL history in addition to the Leafs. In a new post, they discuss the players from the Leafs that got a chance to play in the NHL due to the 1967 expansion, which includes several Hall of Famers.

#NHL Saturday Picks are ready to be made. I set the record for crappiness last week picking two correct out of 13. One was the Calgary "upset" over Vancouver which Richard Loat gave be a hard time about then later recanted. That was probably the game of the week in the NHL. It was a real battle. Unfortunately for the Pres, it was a three point game.

Fire and Ice has the jersey numbers for the US Olympic team. Suter will have his #20.

According to Puck The Media, the Winter Classic final ratings were down. I still think it was due to the low score. Casual fans want a high scoring game and don't care about defense or goaltending.

More Later...

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