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Team USA Edges Canada in Overtime and Hump Day Highlights

Last night's game between USA and Canada at the World Junior Championship lived up to all the pregame hype which is rare in sports these days. With the US team winning 6-5 in overtime after Canada (again) came back from two goals down in the closing minutes of regulation, the excitement level could not have been any higher.

At the Predators game, anyone who had access to a television was engrossed in the closing minutes of regulation play even as the Preds were fighting for their lives on the ice live in front of them.

After the game, the Predator locker room was sparse as most of the players were in the video room watching the game. US Olympian, Ryan Suter, had to be summoned from the game to comment about the game that he had just played. In a otherwise rather grim postgame presser, Barry Trotz even cracked a smile when talking about the game that had ended only a few minutes before.

The Canadian fans showed a lot of class and their true love of the game of hockey when the crowd saluted Team USA for their victory after the game. I'm not sure you would see that in this country had the roles been reversed which is sad.

In the US we have no idea how important last night's game was to Canadians and what a blow it was to lose on their home ice. Here is a tweet from yesterday. @tsnjamesduthie: "Some Canadian radio stations have been calling U.S team hotel, waking up players. The Edge in Toronto woke up Stepan, Lee, Damigo."

One of the casualties of the tournament is the commercialized "eh Oh, Canada Go" cheer that has been pushed by Pepsi after Team Canada sold the rights in a contest. It probably seemed like a good idea at the time, but probably needs to take a backseat in time for the Olympics.

The bottom line is that this tournament continues to grow in popularity and should receive an even bigger spotlight when it moves to the border town of Buffalo next year. Get a ticket now, if you can.

Secton 303 has a good salute to Team USA.

The page with final updated stats is here. Prospect Ryan Ellis assisted on the Canada game tying goal near the end of regulation.

Preds - Calgary Round-up...

Highlights from

Here is our wrap-up, story lines, and postgame comments from last night.

Bryan Mullen has a game story and a notes column at the Tennessean.

Jim Diamond has his story at the Examiner as does David Boclair at The City Paper.

Fellow bloggers The View from 111, Brandon Felder, Forechecker, Fan Huddle, and Paul McCann have wraps ups. See Puck City has a short and to the point thought about the game too.

The other side of the story comes from the Calgary Sun and Calgary Herald. The Sun also has a nice piece on Shea Weber's Olympic selection. The Herald has a good piece on all the Pred's blueliners with emphasis on Ryan Suter. Canada is finally finding out that we do have a good brand of hockey tucked away in the Tennessee hills.

In Preds Nation...

This is one of the biggest examples of hack journalism that I have ever seen from NewsChannel5. This makes the Tennessean stuff look accurate by comparison.

At least the Nashville Business Journal has a decent, fair story about the Predators financial matters.

I did stumble across a blog called Field of Schemes that also seems confused by all the press about the Preds financial dealings with Metro.

Our good friend Ryan from the Red Light District has taken on the added duties of being the Predator correspondent at Crash The Crease. In his first post he gives five reasons that legitimize are legitimate playoff contenders in the West.

AJ has his Tuesday AJenda column.

Short Shifts has the story of the Admirals first shoot out win of the year in a 3-2 road win against Lake Erie.

The Dark Blue Jacket takes a look at Barry Trotz's job security with the help of Pred's bloggers.

Chris Burton looks does a roundup of the week's power rankings and where the Preds stand.

From Rachel at What the Puck comes bears on ice.

Here is a final nightmare revisited scenario from Sports of Boston. If the playoffs began today the Preds would play... The San Jose Sharks!

Around the NHL...

Thanks to Michelle Kenneth who immortalized the POTG Anniversary show with a blog about how a woman talking about another woman’s derriere and In-N-Out Burgers get ratings.

It has been enjoyable to read several columns by Adrian Dater's visit to the Winter Classic. Here is the latest at Versus. All the Pred fans that were upset with him when he criticized our opening night attendance should read this to see the true heart of a guy that really loves the game.

This is really sad news. I have always admired Chris Chelios in an odd way and I hate to hear of his arrest.

More Later...

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