Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympic Hockey Kicks Off and POTG Podcast with Mark Willoughby

Finally, after years of talk and speculation the Olympic hockey tournament will get underway today with three games.

USA vs Switzerland 2:oo p.m. CST
Canada vs Norway 6:30 p.m. CST
Russia vs. Latvia 10:55 p.m. CST

About all that will come of today's games is for three of the favorites to see how much that they can pummel a lesser team.

We would like to thank our good friend Mark Willoughby from The View From 111 for appearing on last night's POTG Radio show and recounting his visit to the New York City area and Pittsburgh over the last week.

The show included plenty of interesting discussion about the Predators play, the cities and venues, and also all the interesting Twitter friends that Mark go to meet along the way. His trip was a tribute to how Twitter has brought the world of hockey fans together into a cohesive group that transcends folks following the home team.

To listen to last night's show on podcast click here.

In Pred Nation...

The Podcast world keeps getting better all the time. Our friend Ryan Porth at The Red Light District has a new weekly show starting today on Tuesdays at Noon Central. Today, Chris Wassel will co-host as they preview the Olympics. Ryan writes why this will be the best Olympic hockey tournament ever.

Jim Diamond discusses Ryan Suter's transition to team USA and how the 2009 World Championships helped.

Dirk asks the question, what are the Pred's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Dirk also added the audio from David Poile's visit to Thom Abraham's show from yesterday afternoon.

See Puck City has the travelogue form their New York City trip.

AJ continues his series "Callin' It As I See It" with a piece on Patric Hornqvist.

Adrian Dater includes Shea Weber in his top 5 NHL defensemen.

From Pred prospect @BlakeGeoffrion: "So I just signed up for a new class and I have to tweet 45 times before the end of the semester, stay tuned in for more tweets to come. No the class is a lot harder than just tweeting but it makes it a little more interesting...I am kind of new at this so sorry I don't know. How to write back to people still figuring it out..."

Olympic Notes...

Michael Russo has the lines from Team USA, Canada and Russia at Monday's practices.

John Glennon has Canada as the favorite at the Tennessean.

Puck Report has everything you need to know about the Olympic hockey tourney in one place including OT rules, tiebreakers and seeding info.

Here is an easy to understand schedule for Men's Hockey at the Olympic for the round robin part of the tournament.

SBD reports better ratings for NBC Olympics coverage than four years ago.

If you want to check out another site other than NBC, Here is CTV's coverage.

From Ryan Lambert at Puck Daddy's comes 20 things to expect at the Olympics.

The IOC is going too far in making Ryan Miller alter his mask. "Miller Time" maybe, but "Matt Man" is a tribute to his cousin who died of cancer.

Here is the new Versus ad "Make It Happen" that will run on NBC during the Olympic hockey games.

Puck The Media has the odd statistic that Women's Olympic hockey beat HNIC on Saturday night. Versus is set to add games to their regular schedule after the break. Does that put more heat on DirecTV to get a deal done?

Here is a link to the Team Canada Media Guide.

Rant: Why is NBC putting the award ceremonies on late night only? Am I the only one that is upset about this?

Around the NHL...

Mirtle takes a look at scoring for this year and last. The Preds have the fourth best improvement. The biggest decrease goes to... Detroit.

A tale of two cities and their take on the James Neal hit on Peter Prucha comes from Travis at Five for Howling and Matt at A View From My Seats. If two writers that I know and respect can see things as differently as Matt and Travis do, how can fans expect the NHL to come up with a solution to what is and what isn't a dirty hit.

Finally, for those who missed it over the weekend, here is what happens when you proposed to a married woman on the Jumbotron.

More Later...

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