Friday, March 5, 2010

POTG Visits The Hockey Zen, Video Outtakes, and Friday Notes

Jackson and I recently were asked to participate in The Hockey Zen's Fan Series as representatives of the Predators. Go here to see a fine quality video done by Chris and Adrian Nadeau where we make our small screen debut.

A big part of their site is interaction and comments. Let's get our Predator participation going and comment on the questions they have about the Preds coaching and playoff chances.

While Chris and Adrian's version is a professional presentation, the following out take version tells a different story. Our setting at the former Sommet Center with the audio blaring and commotion around us made for some humorous moments.

Thanks to Chris and Adrian of The Hockey Zen for including us in their series.

Preds-Kings Round-up...

Here is our Game Story with postgame interviews from last night.

Bryan Mullen has the game story and notes from the game. The City Paper's story is here.

I didn't see a report from Jim Diamond, so I'm assuming that he did the AP story.

From the blogs come reports from The View From 111 (who was actually in a suite), Brandon Felder, Forechecker, Section 303, and See Puck City.

The other side of the story can be found at the L.A. Times.

With last night's win, the Preds have a five point lead over eighth place Detroit. If tonight's game is won by one team or the other in regulation a four point swing is at stake. The Preds need to focus on the sixth place Avs (3 points ahead) which would give them a better first round matchup and avoid the Sharks and Hawks in the first round.

According to Sport Club Stats, the Preds currently have an 84.8% chance of making the playoffs and tonight's game can provide a 12% swing. The computer projects a most likly record of 9-8-2 record down the stretch which would give a 98.4% playoff chance. Let's see that duplicated on the ice.

In Pred Nation...

The Nashville Business Journal has a new interview with Pred's Chairman Tom Cigarran this morning.

One the Forecheck has the Detroit-Nashville Preview and the Tennessean has the Game at a Glance.

Dirk Hoag has an excellent analysis that makes the case to split the Klein-Hamhuis line and news of an new Ford Show Room on the east concourse of the Bridgestone Arena.

The Tennessean has another story on the new Ford deal in the business section.

Ad's Short Shifts speculates on the abundance of defensemen in Milwaukee with the addition of Cody Franson and Alexander Sulzer. has a nice piece about the relationship between a couple of Ft. Campbell soldiers and Ryan Suter.

From @racheladdison: Aww poor Cody... in the PredsPress when asked what he did during the Olympic break, Franson answers. This proves how cruel the trade deadline can be.

Big Kev checks in and discusses the trade deadline movement.

For what it's worth, Eklund says Dan Hamhuis would like to play for Vancouver. If the Preds make a playoff run, I expect to see Hammer and Dan Ellis back with the Preds next season.

Around the NHL...

Some NHL executives are not happy with the Coyotes being a big player on deadline day and taking on extra salary. It makes you wonder if folks are unhappy that the money was spent or that the Coyotes are winning.

Is Versus returning to DirecTV? Sounds like they will but not on the basic package.

The Hockey Zen has a new Canadian Olympic version of the Hockey Song.

A lot of rumors swirling about the NHL's return to Winnipeg but the mayor says no.

Odds and Ends...

The Tennessean has a slide show from 1978 with a bunch of pictures around Nashville and popular culture of the day. I love these things.

In honor of the opening of Johnny Depp in Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland," we present the following Johnny Depp scene mashup to put you in the mood for a new classic Birton/Depp film. If you have no life like me, you can probably name all the films.

Final Note...

It is with great sacrifice that I will not be covering tonight's Predator- Wings game as the wife and I are going to have a much needed date night. The Preds are on a bit of a roll and need to get it done without my attention this evening.

More Later...

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass

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