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Predators Ready To Leave March Behind and Wednesday Wrap-Up

The Nashville Predators are ending one of the most successful months in franchise history and ready to move into April, which will feature fewer games and a chance to exorcise an old demon by making it to the second round of the playoffs.

March was a great month. After Tuesday's 2-0 loss to the Kings, Barry Trotz said, "We've played seventeen games, the most of any team in the league this month. We're 11-5-1 now and if you had told me that in February, I'd say let's go to April now."

Every year, before the season starts, teams wonders how the squad will come together and what it will look like once they actually hit the ice. What we saw in March, as a whole, should be pleasing to Predator staff and fans alike. After five months of ups and downs, the true character of this year's team finally came together.

Some positives during March, after the return from the Olympic break, include:
  • The return of Pekka Rinne's dominance in goal, with him winning three star honors two weeks in a row.
  • The emergence of Colin Wilson as a dependable every day player that appears ready to stay in the NHL.
  • Positive additions to the team in Dustin Boyd and Denis Grebeshkov, even though the latter has been sidelined with a freak injury.
  • Patric Hornqvist becoming the fourth Predator to hit the thirty goal mark.
  • David Poile's gamble to keep Dan Ellis and Dan Hamhuis paying dividends.
  • Playing seventeen games in a month and going 11-5-1.
  • Off the ice, attendance goals were met.
Things weren't perfect during the month as the following list will bare out:
  • The return of Jason Arnott's reoccurring head injury and injuries to Marty Erat, Joel Ward, Denis Grebeshkov, and others.
  • A downturn in the Predator's ability to score, especially as the month wound down.
  • Inconsistent play on special teams with a ying-yang thing going on between the power play and the penalty kill with each having good runs and dry spells at opposite times.
  • A trend of third period defensive lapses including giving up two goals in three of the last four games and a complete melt down in San Jose where the Preds gave up six goals.
  • A few games where the team failed to show up including games in Detroit and at a Sunday home game with the Canucks.
  • Bad quality of ice at the Bridgestone Arena as the weather has warmed.
All in all, March was one of the most successful months in Predator's franchise history and proved to the team and fans that when they play "Predator hockey" that they can compete with any team in the league.

The Predators will return to the ice on Thursday night against the St. Louis Blues to celebrate April Fools Day. Hopefully, the joke will be on the Blues and not the hometown Preds.

Preds-Kings Round-Up...

Here is our game recap from yesterday with post game interviews.

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In Pred Nation...

Ryan at the RLD has an addition to the "History will be Made" series, with Radulov slamming Arnott in the playoffs.

Jim Diamond has an update from Saturday's Pet Adoption Drive. It was interesting watching the people and the dogs before the game.

Join Paul McCann and special Gust Host Dirk Hoag on HockeyBuzz Radio from Dave and Busters with guests Craig Custance of the Sporting News, St. Louis Blues analyst and former NHL goaltender Darren Pang, and Milwaukee Admirals radio play-by-play man Aaron Sims. It's also on WNSR at 6:00.

Ex-Pred Vern Fiddler's wife could have a baby at any time.

Pekka has a new mask. Unknown when he will wear it.

Those following the activities of potential Pred owner W. Brett Wilson may find this interesting.

Around the NHL...

Despite denials from all sides on Monday, the Globe and Mail is still pushing the Phoenix to Winnipeg story.

The hottest thing going on YouTube is parody vids of the NHL Cup commercials. This one that Steve Lapore found takes the cake. "What if Gordon Bombay didn't blow a .o8".

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Hockey Fantasy Expert Rob Higgins' band, Dearly Beloved, has a new album out as of yesterday.

From @NHL: Best GAA since Olympic break: 1) Rinne (1.79); 2) Gustavsson (1.93); 3) Halak (2.03); 4) Rask (2.08); 5) Howard (2.11); 6) Elliott (2.16). Top teams (by PTS earned%) since Olympic break: 1) @detroitredwings; 2) @phoenixcoyotes; 3) @PredsNHLHockey; t-4) @sabresdotcom, @mapleleafs

New on @intenttoblow: Study confirms you do not miss every shot you never take.

Odds and Ends...

I've linked this Blackberry App several times and will continue to do so as it is the best one for hockey scores out there. It doesn't work on every model but offers scores with less than 30 seconds delay, shots, Corsi, face off, hits, and goal scorers.

Facebook will make a change from "become a fan" to "like" according to this piece. Our "Fan" page is under development at this time. We are adding thousands of original pictures that will only be available there once the roll out is complete. For a sample, go here and look at the pictures under the photo tab. We should have pictures of all 30 teams by this summer.

LinkedIn now has a Blackberry App.

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