Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Preds Win Must Game, Historic Home Burns and Wednesday Wrap-Up

Tuesday night was a big one for the Preds, going on the road and holding off a pesky Thrashers team in route to a 2-1 win to start the Pred's critical four game road trip.

We would like to congratulate Pred's coach Barry Trotz on his 400th win with the Predators. He is only the seventh coach to win 400 games with one team. The "Under the Lights" feature, shown after the game on FS TN, was an excellent piece on Barry and is a must see for fans everywhere. It is scheduled to be shown several more times this month.

With the win, they got to 77 points and stayed two points ahead of eight place Calgary, and three points ahead of Detroit.

Hard News Story...

Locally, in my neighborhood, an historic 1850's home, where my grandparents lived for forty years, burned and was completely totaled. The fire started with a grease fire in a kitchen. No one was injured but four or five families lost everything and a dog died from smoke inhalation. Since the local news channels don't cover many house fires, here is a video.

Preds-Thrashers Round-Up

Here is our Game Recap from last night.

John Glennon has his game story, notes column and postgame ponderings from the Pred's win.

In the blog world, there was a diversity of opinion from Forechecker, Big Kev, See Puck City, and The View from 111.

Since everyone likes the percentages, Sports Club Stats gives the Preds a 78% chance of the playoffs. If the Preds go 9-7, they will get to 95 points and have a 97.5% chance of making the top eight.

The other side of the game comes from the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

RLD Radio...

I was a co-host with Ryan Porth and Anthony Curatolo on RedLightDistrict Radio with The Sporting News' Craig Custance and Chelsea Alexander. It was a fun, fast paced show, with plenty of discussion about the trade deadline, the playoff race and a little Preds thrown in for good measure. Ryan is doing a good job with the show and the mid-day time slot is handy for those at work.

In Pred Nation...

We posted the link to the Edmonton Sun article yesterday on Gebeshkov's injury but left it to the reader to read about the testicular surgery. Well, it became a big topic yesterday and the Predators refined their statement as John Glennon reports.

John Glennon has a more detailed look at Grebeshkov's injury after talking with Mike Santos.

Dirk takes a look at the late season injury bug that the Preds have experienced the last few years.

Jim Diamond takes a look at the upcoming Predators Cup showdown featuring six High School Hockey teams from around the state.

Dobber Hockey looks at the Pred's fantasy prospects for the rest of the season.

Around the NHL...

Mirtle resets the bar at 94 points in the West and 87 in the East to make the playoffs.

It's no surprise that there are no Predators on the latest update of clutch scoring at Campbellnomics at The Hockey News. Sidney Crosby is at the top of the list further enhancing his best player in the league status.

For those in the GTA, you can go see the unveiling of the giant Hershey's Stanley Cup at the HHOF today at 11:00. Hershey's will become the official chocolate of the NHL.

Eric Gage has a video presentation to help define what a head shot is for the GMs.

Launy has a new interview with Canadian Sledge Hockey team captain Jean Labonte who sat down and spoke to about his 2006 gold medal win in Turin, playing arch rival Norway, and realizing his dream of playing hockey after losing his leg to osteosarcoma.

Michele Kenneth is putting here money in play and is challenging her friends to donate to the What'sBrewingStock Cancer fundraiser. She will match up to $500 to help get things moving. Anthony at Hockey Independent has more on the event.

From Frozen Notes comes the final tally of dollars raised by David Perron's Twitter fundraiser.

@voteforgrant points us to an interesting list of how much each cable network charges the cable companies for their channel. It is no wonder cable is so expensive.

From @stevelepore: NBC will air Stanley Cup Playoff Conf. Quarterfinals on April 17th at 1PM, April 18th and 24th at 3PM, and April 25th at 2PM. All times ET.

Time to make your #SaturdayNHLpicks. I can't believe I missed last week.

From MotherPucker comes a chance to vote on the NHL's most annoying fans.

Odds and Ends...

Can Sea World survive without Shamu? They are up to their rear in alligators over the recent whale killing trainer incident. If marketed properly, they could get a whole new crowd with folks wanting to show up to see if the whale chomps on anyone else. Here is the latest update on the killer whale.

Being in the business, this is a pet peeve of mine. Most folks don't have a clue about buying auto, home and rental insurance. Many agents are more worried about their commission instead of giving advice to their clients. Here is an AP story with good advice about looking at your policy.

I don't sell insurance but can give plenty of advice to anyone who has questions. Feel free to send me an email if I can ever help any of our readers in dealing with an insurance company over a claim or anything else. Believe it or not, getting an attorney over a claim is usually a horrible idea. I can give quality advice and not charge you a penny.

More Later...

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