Monday, March 29, 2010

Top Eleven Tweets Celebrating David Legwand's Goal

So what do you do when you are 850 miles from where your team is playing and there is no video coverage due to an archaic blackout rule?

You celebrate David Legwand's first goal in almost three months trusting that it really did happen despite a lack of video proof.

And... You steal funny comments from others on Twitter and post them on your blog as a Top 11 List (since Leggy is # 11).

11 - @reagmeister: no more dry spell for leggy!!!!! wahoo!!!!!

10 - @Crackerjen: Go Leggy! WOO HOO! The drought is over!


8 - @stackiii: And with that, David Legwand resets @cellblock303's scoreless streak counter! 1-0 #Preds early in the 2nd!

7 - @mikebarnes5: HOLY s**t!!!!!

6 - @SLakePreds: @goverjkg LEGWAND FROM WILSON!!! TOLD YA!!! 1-0 Preds!!! (I'm sure Seth enjoyed this after his debate with Jeremy earlier today)

5 - @cellblock303: UPDATE: The Legwand-O-Meter stops at 85:21:13:51!!

4 - @jasonbohn9: david legwand? when did he start playing for the predators?

3 - @brandon_felder: I sense a disturbance in the Force... Did Legwand score somewhere? (Just kidding folks).

2 - @Forechecker: It figures David Legwand scores for the 1st time in months, and there's no video proof!

And the number one Tweet goes to....

1 - @whatthepuck: If David Legwand scores a goal but no one was around to see it, did it really happen?

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Jason and Rachel said...

Glad I could make the top 5 quotes! One of my favorites was the one that suggested maybe Leggy was camera shy....