Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up and POTG Radio with Brian Metzer

The Predators went on the road and brought back three wins in four games at a critical point in the season. They had an excellent chance to win the game in San Jose on Thursday but had one of the worst melt downs in team history.

Fortunately, the way they responded in the next two games gives fans hope that the team has recovered and may be ready to continue their playoff push.

The Predators play nine of their final 13 games at the Bridgestone Arena which should be an advantage. However, the team has struggled at home going 18-12-2 while they have gone 20-14-3 on the road.

The Preds really need to pick up the pace at home and avoid stumbling in games that they should clearly win.

The Predators win on Sunday gave them a big boost over at SportClubStats where whey were back up to an 83.7% chance of making the playoffs. According to the computer, the most likely record for the rest of the year is 7-5-1 which would give them 96 points and a 98.6% chance of making the playoffs. So it's time to get it done on the ice.

POTG Radio...

This week we will have Brian Metzer from Pittsburgh who covers the Penguins for several outlets. After a four year run as the Pens correspondent at Hockey Buzz, he has started a new project called From The Point. He also covers the Pens for XM Home Ice.

We look forward to touching on a wide variety of topics with Brian including the Penguins, his new web and radio projects, and NHL hockey in general. Be be sure to join us live or on podcast for what will be a good show.

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Preds-Kings Round-Up...

Here is our post game recap from yesterday.

The Tennessean has the game story and John Glennon's post-game ponderings.

The City Paper has a brief game story.

From the Predator bloggers comes stories from Forechecker, Mark Willoughby, and Fan Huddle.

Hockey Fights has the Tootoo-Clune bout which was fairly uneventful.

The other side of the story comes from the L A Times, Kingscast, Press Telegram, and the Kings Insider with Rich Hammond who has post game quotes from the Preds.

Here's an interesting take from the blog world where Bobby Scribe calls out referee Dean Morton as the cause for the King's loss.

In Preds Nation...

J R Lind, at the Nashville Post, has the story of the Predators ownership meeting with the Sports Council on Friday. As expected, the Preds owners waived the right to move for two years which was actually a moot point to begin with. The owners also agreed to cover David Freeman's portion should any legitimate issues crop up in the future.

The Tennessean does more of a hatchet job in a story by Nate Rau where the fact are twisted to make the situation sound much worse than it is. Paul McCann takes Rau to task over their reporting methods and clarifies the truth of the matter.

Mark Willoughby introduces a new award for the NHL Awards show. I'm thinking it may have to be given out in the Parking lot of the Palms. Mark also has his weekly "My View" feature.

Jim Diamond has his weekly prospect round-up.

From @LAKingsHockey:Congrats to #LAKings Jonathan & his wife Jaclyn as Madison Mychal Quick (7lbs 9oz 20.5 inches long) was born @ 4:15am Fri. Fortunately for the Preds, Quick didn't get the "baby bump" in performance like David Legwand did in his game against the Preds on Sunday.

Alexander Sulzer was sent back to Milwaukee over the weekend.

Jas Faulkener has Postcards from the Road. She also calls for tougher action against thuggish moves on the ice.

The Admirals lost to the Marlies 3-2 on Saturday night in a game that Short Shifts was not pleased with.

Big Kev has a new look at his site and a new address. Check it out.

Park It! Downtown is offering free parking for all Bridgestone Arena events in lot R at LP Field and an optional shuttle for $3 if you don't want to walk over the pedestrian bridge. Here are the details.

Bring your wallet on Tuesday and Thursday so you can bid on special St. Paddy's Day Pred Jerseys.

The Admirals have season tickets on sale for next year with a slight increase in price.

Around the NHL...

The big news on Sunday was more ugly hits. Alex Ovechkin was ejected after boarding Brian Campbell and didn't think it was a big deal. Last night it was reported that Campbell's season was over due to broken rib and collar bone.

Sidney Crosby got taken down in a nasty slew foot incident with Steve Downey but came out of it without injury.

Ice Edge Holdings tries to calm the fears of nervous Coyote fans with an open letter to explaining where things stand.

Pierre LeBrun has a few picks and thoughts about this year's NHL Awards.

Agent Jay Grossman appeared on the 6th Sens Podcast. First time I have listened. Good stuff.

Michelle Kenneth poses a question about in arena marriage proposals. This is for women.

Odds and Ends...

It has been found that Formspring, a site that let's users ask others anonymous questions, has planned to release data that folks "ass-u-me-d"would be never be revealed. There is an email to have your name removed if you have asked a question you don't want publicized. Good Luck on that.

More Later...

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