Monday, April 5, 2010

Long Weekend Wrap-Up and POTG Radio Tonight

We've been laying low for most of the weekend and staying away from the computer and Twitter for the most part, but we are back and ready to go for the last week of the season.

It was thrilling for the Predators to clinch on their own merit on Saturday, as opposed to backing in when another team lost. With the Wings losing again on Sunday, the Preds can control their own destiny to finish above Detroit in the standings for the first time in franchise history.

Best I can figure, the Predators still have an outside shot at fourth place. The Preds would have to win their last two games and Phoenix would have to lose their last three. Also, the Preds would have to win by three goals against Phoenix on Wednesday to secure the tiebreaker, which would fall to goal differential. I can't find a definitive source to see if a goal awarded for a shoot out win actually counts.

The Kings could guarantee fifth place by winning their last four games.

As far as playoff opponents go, it is still anyone's guess as to how things will fall out, and who the Predators will face. San Jose, Chicago, Vancouver and Phoenix are all possible depending on how the last week plays out.

Tonight's POTG Radio Show...

On tonight's show, we will have Section 303's Jeremy Gover as our special guest. He was in Detroit on Saturday when the Predators clinched their playoff berth. We will get the whole story on his trip and talk about the Preds and how the playoffs are shaping up.

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Thanks to The Goal Crease...

Our friends over at The Goal Crease gave us the opportunity to be their guest in their "get to know" series. They asked Jackson and I questions in a wide range of topics and we each answered independently.

It was a real privilege to be involved in their project following such well know writers like Puck Daddy, Mike Russo, and folks that are much better known than we are.

Thanks again for asking us to get involved!

Predators-Wings Round Up...

Here is our wrap up on the game.

John Glennon has the game story, notes and Postgame Ponderings.

In the Pred blog world Section 303 reports from Detroit. Others posting include Forechecker, View From 111, Fan Huddle, and See Puck City.

From Detroit comes stories from MLive and the Detroit News.

In Pred Nation...

The best story of the weekend comes from last Thursday when ESPN's Scott Burnside featured the Predators. There is also a video discussion from E LJ Hradek and Barry Melrose.

This week will also be a huge week for Pred's prospect Blake Geoffrion as he leads Wisconsin into the Frozen four where he will find out if he will move from the top three in the Hobey Baker race to the number one spot.

John Glennon has a column indicating that the Preds's celebration on Saturday was nonexistent. The Preds are taking it easy for a couple of days and will then prepare for the final push.

David Boclair discusses the fact that recent games have been good preparation for the playoffs.

The Preds still have four prospects at the junior and college level still active in the playoffs. Jim Diamond has the story. Jim also pointed us to this article about Blake Geoffrion's decision to stay at Wisconsin for four years.

David Climer has a article indicating that the Preds are better prepared for the playoffs than ever before. Forchecker adds a bit to it and has a poll.

On The Forecheck also has voting for their Predator's MVP.

The RedLightDistrict has a neat new look. Check it out as Ryan welcomes the Preds to the playoffs.

Around the NHL...

Arch rival, Chicago clinched their first division title in 17 years before they took the ice on Sunday. They celebrated by beating Calgary 4-1. Last night, Vancouver clinched the Northwest division by beating Minnesota 4-3 in overtime. From @TarikElBashir: Caps claim first Presidents' Trophy with San Jose's 5-4 OT loss in Colorado.

Dahlia Kurtz at Hockey 54 has the story of Matt Cook's passing. He fought a tough battle and will be missed bay all.

Folks in Winnipeg are mourning what looks like the end of hope for obtaining the Coyotes since it is alleged that the Glendale city council approved both suitor's leases.

Matt Reitz clears up the myth of the Coyotes conspiracy.

A fun race to watch has been the three way battle for the Rocket Richard Trophy between Sidney Crosby (47), Alex Ovechkin (46), and Steve Stamkos (46). The first pair were expected, but Stamkos is the real story.

Scotty Wazz has the story of the week that was for the Abbotsford Heat and includes the freak out video by Jim Playfair. They have a real mess out there.

Odds and Ends...

This video takes Apple hate to a new level as these guys destroy an out of the box iPad. Here is the same thing from a different angle.

Finally, here's an incredible video for a Monday.

More Later...

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