Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part, POTG Podcast, and Tuesday Tidbits

With a hat tip to Tom Petty for the title, we have entered that no man's land for fans when the team has clinched a playoff spot and you can't wait for the playoffs to get started.

After a whirlwind six months of a compressed schedule, where the Predators rarely went more than a day or two without a game, the team actually took Sunday and Monday off from full practices.

There is still plenty of work to get done in Phoenix on Wednesday and at home against the Blues on Saturday. The Preds leave this morning and will hold a pretty good workout this afternoon in Phoenix.

A very slim chance remains that the Preds could get the fourth seed. They would have to win their final two games and the Coyotes would have to lose three. Additionally, the Preds would need to win by three goals in the head to head game with the Yotes to get the tie breaker. Los Angeles would also have to miss one point in their last four games for the Preds to stay ahead of them.

Granted, it is a tall order for all those things to happen, but the Preds need to win their final two games to keep the momentum going and then let the chips fall where they may.

POTG Radio with Jeremy Gover...

Last night's POTG Radio was a lot of fun. Jeremy Gover of Section303.com is always a great guest and an actual radio professional, who does it for a living as he is the producer of the Dawson McAllister show that is done in Spring Hill (TN).

During the show we covered a wide range of topics but primarily Jeremy's trip to Detroit last weekend where he was one of about 15 Pred fans at Joe Louis Arena for the clincher. We also talked about the Frozen Four, Blake Geoffrion's Hobey Baker chances, the Predator's Masterton nominee, and a variety of other topics.

The biggest news to come out of the show was the fact that there will be a special edition of the 303:30 with Blake Geoffrion possibly as early as later today. I am looking forward to that.

Please give a listen to the podcast on iTunes or with the following BTR player.

If you want to see the written version (with pictures) of Jeremy's Detroit exploits, go to Section 303 for the full story.

In Pred Nation...

John Glennon writes about Jason Arnott's return to the ice for Wednesday's game. He also notes Alex Radulov's season is about to come to an end.

David Boclair has a similar story at The City Paper.

Jim Diamond discusses the performance of prospect Ryan Ellis as Windsor want's to return to the Memorial Cup championship.

Milwaukee can wrap up a playoff spot with a win in a special 1 p.m. start today.

From @NHLPredsInsider: 5 guys skate today as the majority of the team takes their 2nd straight day off for the 1st time in awhile. Arnott looks good to go for PHX.

Big Kev takes a look at the playoffs with a week to go.

Rachel celebrates a return to the playoffs at What The Puck.

There's a new addition to the Predator blog world as James Nelson presents the Odd Man Rush. Jame has been active on message boards for several years and has taken the plunge into blogging. I'm looking forward to reading his stuff.

The Pred's site as well as NHL.com has become more blog like with a comment section.

Around the NHL...

Pierre Lebrun has the NHL standings for the second half of the season as well as since the Olympic break. This will be a good reference when making the cup playoff picks.

Word filtered out early on Monday that a group involving Wayne Gretzky, Brett Hull and Mike Modano may be interested in buying the Dallas Stars from the embattled Tom Hicks. It may not be that much of a done deal as we hear from @DarrenDreger: Modano said, “I haven’t spoken to Gretzky about any possible ownership situation. I don’t know anything about this.”

Theo Fleury speaks out on the pardon of Graham James who allegedly sexually abused him as a teen.

The Memorial service for Matt Cook, the Canadian sledge hockey player who passed away over the weekend, will be Saturday at 2p.m. at McDougall United Church in Edmonton.

Steve Lapore has the latest ratings for the Wings-Flyers game on Sunday. It was good to see a Western Conference team but it appears you have to be Detroit or Chicago to get the nod.

From @Sean_Leahy: Versus will broadcast #NHL Draft Lottery next Tuesday, April 13 from 8pm ET

Sharks fans are voting for who they would like to play in the first round at Fear the Fin. Surprisingly, the Preds aren't the first choice.

Puck report explains the tie-breaking process.

We're looking forward to the Hockey Zen's playoff pool. We'll have more when the pairings are set.

Here are the roster requirements for ECHL teams playing for the Kelly Cup.

Josh Sacco crosses over as he gives his "Miracle" speech at baseball's opening night.

Odds and Ends...

Here's a picture of what should be the final nighttime launch of a space shuttle from early Monday.

Mashable has a story about the new YouTube layout that indicates folks like the change. I have yet to find anyone who liked it.

More Later...

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