Friday, June 18, 2010

Heading Out West and Friday Round-Up

This will be the last of our daily round-ups for a couple of weeks as we will be heading out for points west on Saturday. We will update as we can given potential limited Internet capability and being distracted by other things.

We will be in Las Vegas for three days for the NHL Awards Show and in Los Angeles for three days for the draft. You can expect full coverage of both events from us as we are credentialed for both events and a bunch of Twitpics from In-N-Out Burger.

We also hope to have a special edition of POTG Radio, most likely Wednesday, before the Awards Show. Watch your Twitter stream for further information.

It's a guys only trip with the women staying at home guarding the POTG World Headquarters with an array of weapons. We will be visiting and camping in Zion and Bryce National Parks in Utah; and camping three nights on the West Coast at Pismo Beach, Monterrey, and at Half Moon Bay. I'm trying to convince Jackson to surf at Mavericks but having no luck. He does want to skate in Dogtown and Venice and Fisher wants to work out at Muscle Beach.

We are also going to take in a day game between the Dodgers and Giants in San Francisco and then head to Yosemite and the east side of the Sierras. Our last night will be gutting out camping in Death Valley.

We have never been north of Los Angeles in California so if anyone has suggestions of cool things to do, please let us know. We are wide open for suggestions.

While we are gone, there are some big dates on the NHL Calendar and we will report as well as we can.

Tue. June 22 - NHL 2010-11 Schedule released
Tue. June 22 - Hockey Hall of Fame Inductees announced - Toronto
Wed, June 23 - NHL Awards Show - Las Vegas
Thur. June 24 - Top Prospects Preview - Los Angeles
Fri. June 25 - 2010 Entry Draft - First Round - Los Angeles
Sat. June 26 - 2010 Entry Draft - 2-7 Rounds - Los Angeles
Wed. June 30 - Salary Cap Upper and Lower Limits Revealed
Thur, July 1 - Free Agency Begins

In Pred Nation...

Jim Diamond has the story of John Glennon moving from the Predators beat to the Titans. I will miss seeing John on a regular basis. I've watched and learned from him and wish him the best.

Jim also had the story of Pred's officials denying that a Francis Bouillon deal has been done.

While this is not the official pre-season schedule, Amanda DiPaolo has pieced together what it probably looks like from other team's schedules. Only change from the past is that we have a home and away with the Caps.

From @SLakePreds: #Preds prospect Zach Budish named to US WJC Evaluation Camp roster. Camp runs July 30-August 7th.

Ex-Pred Ryan Jones is looking forward to starting the year in Edmonton and hopes to become a big contributor.

The Preds sponsored a block party that was open to the community last Saturday. Odd that we never saw this before the event.

NHL Examiner takes a look at the Preds and the rest of the Central Division.

The Preds have pieced together a top ten draft picks list.

Around the NHL...

Matt Reitz finishes up his excellent five-part series of NHL Awards Blogger Style with the winner of the Hart Trophy. This would be astounding if repeated in Las Vegas next week. Thanks to Matt for the series. It was top rate as is all his stuff.

The New Jersey Devils named John MacLean as their new head coach at a presser yesterday. He has been in the Devils organization as a coach for eight years after a 19 year NHL playing career of which 14 were as a Devil.

The Montreal Canadiens traded the rights to RFA Jaroslav Halak to the St. Louis Blus. Most people thought Carey Price would be the odd man out in Hab land.

Mirtle comments on the glut of goalies available this summer.

From @RebekahLSanders: Ice Edge Holdings has submitted proof of financing to Glendale today to buy the Phoenix Coyotes, group official says.

Red Light District has Five Questions about the Devils with Chris Wassel. Ryan also has the top five teams to watch this summer.

Jon Jordan has resigned his post as the Tampa Bay Lightning correspondent for Hockey Buzz. Follow @JonJordan on Twitter to see where he resurfaces.

Daniel Briere and his son were in an auto accident early yesterday but are OK. It is amazing that neither were hurt if you look at the picture with this story.

Intent to Blow has a weekly feature that highlights other sites in the hockey world.

Here is an interesting article that says European players in the NHL are at the lowest level since 1998-99. The Swedes now have the most.

Odds and Ends...

Say it ain't so Chipper! There is a process going on where Chipper Jones is considering retirement. Chipper and Manager Bobby Cox are all that remain from the Braves glory years when they won 14 consecutive division titles, but only one World Series Championship. Here is an audio clip from Wednesday. If you don't know, the Braves are my second favorite team behind the Predators.

This sounds like great work if you can get it. Chinese firms are hiring white guys to pose as executives and glad hand visitors. Sounds like the perfect job for me.

50 Twitter tips from Chris Brogan. Some of these are common sense items but a few are really good ideas.

More Later...

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass

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AJ in Nashville said...

Wow, what an ambitious schedule, Buddy! Take it from me, you're gonna need another vacation when you get home just to rest up from this one! *LOL*

I'm especially envious of the time you guys will be spending camping at the beach and in the National Parks. It's an experience I know you'll never forget! I don't know how long you're planning to spend in Yosemite, but if you're up to it, you really need to take the opportunity to experience climbing Half Dome. It's a fairly strenuous 1/2 day hike, but a truly once-in-a-lifetime deal, honestly.

Of course you'll want to visit the aquarium while in Monterrey, but do be careful on Highway 1 if you're driving it at night; it's extremely wind-ey and not well lit. But in the daytime it is so beautiful up there you're just not gonna believe it!

Speaking of driving, buy some cushions, cuz youse guys' butts are gonna be numb for all of it you'll be doing! There's a LOT of space between all the places on your itinerary! :) And no cell phones while driving in CA (unless hands-free); the CHPs will ticket you for that if they spot it.

One other thing, in San Francisco, it's kinda touristy, but a fun thing to do is to visit the rotating restaurant (and get a table if you can) at the top of the Mark Hopkins Hotel. It's called "The Top of the Mark" and it offers perhaps the best view of The City you'll find.

Sounds like you're gonna be busy, but I know it'll be a trip that will bond you with your boys like no other! Have a GREAT time!

We'll miss ya but look forward to the podcast and whatever other reports you can squeeze in!

And be good in Vegas, y'hear? :)