Monday, July 12, 2010

POTG Radio Returns Tonight and Weekend Round-Up

After a very busy week in Pred Nation, today marks the official start of the dog days of summer as most teams have finished their development camps and the coaches and staff are scattering in all directions for a little rest and relaxation after a ten and one half months of non-stop work.

In the last month since the Stanley Cup Champion was crowned, we have seen the HOF announcements, next season's schedule release, the Awards Show, the Entry Draft, Free Agent Frenzy and Development Camps for all teams, and a few other things crammed into a short period so that hockey vacations can begin.

Tonight, we will start our Summer Schedule of POTG Radio at our regular time of 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 central etc. We will have short interviews with Ryan Ellis, Chet Pickard, Jon Blum, Anders Lindback, Patrick Cehlin, Joonas Rask (yes Tuuka's brother) and Ben Ryan.

We will also have have Ryan Porth of RLD Hockey on to discuss the journey to the Awards Show and the Entry Draft as well and the free agent signings to date. We will also touch on the Predator's Skate of the Union event last Thursday.

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Thanks to Puck Daddy who linked our Skate of the Union video on Friday.

In Pred Nation...

After attending the Predator's development camp on Saturday and Sunday, the highlight was definitely "Team Yellow" winning the "championship trophy" and parading around the ice with it. Notre Dame player Ben Ryan receives my personal MVP vote for being the best player on the yellow squad. The 23 skaters and four goalies that dressed divided into four teams and played nine minute, non-stop, three on three battles until the winner was determined.

The one need that became obvious at development camp was the need for a free agent back-up goalie. Bryan Mullen at the Tennessean looks at the options within the system. I have two folks that could probably be had within the Pred's budget. The first is Kevin Weeks who said @KevinWeekes: My ears are always open, LOL !!! on Saturday. The other is Masterton winner, Jose Theodore, who may struggle to catch on as a UFA after making $4.5 million last season in Washington.

Jim Diamond has a good story about the college bonds between two pairs of players that played together at Wisconsin and Minnesota. Every kid at camp has a neat story and their is little time to capture them all.

Forechecker is up early with his weekend round-up and has a post from Amanda DiPaolo that we missed. She was at the Awards in Las Vegas.

There is a new Pred's blog on the scene and it is appropriately named "PredsBlog" and is run by "Sam" who's Twitter name is @predsblog. He also has the Dan Hamhuis slam at the Pred's November game attendance that burned a few bridges between here and Vancouver. Check it out.

AJ at PMFF takes a look back at his last year as a Pred's blogger and has a few take-aways from the past week.

See Puck City has a variety of videos from the Preds Camp at his YouTube account.

Jeremy at Section303 has a call to action to send congrats to the family of prospect Austin Watson on the birth of their new baby.

Mark Willoughby has his weekly My View column.

Paul McCann touches on the SOTU and a few other items at Hockey Buzz.

While an official figure was never announced for Sommet's naming rights deal on the arena, the Nashville Posts surmises that it was three years for $4 million based on court documents.

Kelly at Confessions of a Pred Fanantic checks in with a few thoughts and a barb at Dan Hamhuis for his dissing of the Nashville crowds. Check out her blog so she will know she has more than seven readers.

Bolts By The Bay has a good interview with ex-Pred Dan Ellis.

Ryan at the RLD also has a post about Dan where he asks if Ellis will be the next Craig Anderson.

David Poile is number five on a list of top 10 GMs to rebuild a team at Bleacher Report. I think that is a bit low.

Around the NHL...

As the Kovalchuk saga drags on, Dennis Bernstein has an epistle on where the Kings have missed to boat on signing him. Multiple good points are made here. The latest from Puck Daddy has Kovi flying to LA for a visit. Intent to Blow also has a breakdown by potential teams.

Friend of the site, Connie Kim, most recently from Jewels of the Crown is headed to retirement. We certainly wish her the best and will miss her.

Matt Reitz reminds us that the class of 2010 is still a bunch of 17 or 18 year old kids.

Was the 2003 NHL Entry Draft that was held in Nashville the best ever? Hard to refute it.

Stay Classy has a post on the basketball jerk that caused such a big stink last week. I refuse to print his name but it is a funny article. has a list of the last remaining big name free agents.

The "Fisher-wood" wedding went off on Saturday (if anyone cares).

Jonathan Toews had his day with the cup on Sunday and received more attention than he is comfortable with.

Odds and Ends...

For Blackberry users, are you interested in the BB Shield?

More Later...

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jas faulkner said...

This was kind of like Fashion Week in New York, only about hockey and interesting! Is it really over?

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