Tuesday, July 20, 2010

POTG Radio with Kevin Weekes, Michelle Kenneth and Launy Schwartz is on Podcast and Tuesday Tidbits

Last night's podcast with Kevin Weekes, Michelle Kenneth and Launy Schwartz was without doubt, the most fun show that we have done in the last year and a half of POTG Radio.

Kevin Weekes is the most genuine and sincere individual that you will ever meet and is an encouragement to anyone who has the pleasure of hearing him. At one point in the show, he gave advice to my son Jackson that would be beneficial for anyone to hear. It was truly a mantra for positive living.

On the "Weekes for Backup" front, Kevin said that he not filed his retirement papers with the NHLPA and is always willing to listen to any opportunities that present themselves. I hope David Poile is listening. Having Kevin in the dressing room would be worth several wins just from his inspiration.

We thank Renee Weekes and Michelle Kenneth for their help in setting up Kevin's appearance. Michelle and Kevin have known each other for a while and she was able to get Kevin to open up on a few nicknames that he has had for folks over the years as well as his flair for fashion. It should also be noted that Michelle never wavered on her prediction that Ilya Kovalchuck would remain a Devil.

We also had good friend, Launy "The" Schwartz from Hockey54, who was named on Monday as one of the 10 finalist of The Score's Drafted 2 contest to find the next great Canadian sportscaster. We are the Southern headquarters for his campaign. Since Launy and Kevin are both goalies from Toronto, they hit it off instantly.

More so than usual, I would encourage each of you to listen to the podcast at BlogTalkRadio or download from iTunes as it will make you feel better about yourself just from hearing such an upbeat discussion.

In Pred Nation...

The Predator's group of writers continues to grow on the Internet as is shrinks in the mainstream media. From Ryan at RT @RLDhockey: I am proud to announce that I'll be joining TheFourthPeriod.com this fall as their Nashville correspondent!! Congrats on the new gig in addition to the great work at the Red Light District.

Forechecker and Dave Gutzman both had posts on the ramifications of long term high dollar contracts.

Section 303 also ckecks in on the Kovi signing.

Alan Bass has a look at Colin Wilson and his early career contributions.

Rachel at What The Puck has good intentions and will return with the second annual summer hockey movies series.

PredsBlog is up to goal number 3 on the Hornqvist tally.

Pred's coach Brent Peterson is the guest of honor at a benefit for Parkinson's golf tournament in Lindsay, Ontario this weekend.

Around the NHL...

The hockey news of the day on Monday was the Kokalchuk saga finally coming to an end with his re-signing with the New Jersey Devils. Best I can tell from my Twitter feed, the Devils actually broke the story themselves via Twitter followed shortly by this release from Jay Grossman's Puck Agency. Congrats to Jay and his client on their deal.

Helene Elliott has the Kings side of the signing. Cap Geek has the contract details. A formal presser is scheduled this morning for 12 Central. Down Goes Brown has what they believe is a copy of the contract.

Michelle Kenneth has her take on the Kovalchuk signing and the full story at Inside Hockey. Michelle never wavered from her belief that Kovi would remain a Devil. She got big props from Eklund for being right all along the way.

Matt Reitz got his notice that his payment was due on his LA Kings season tickets. Bad timing.

The other big move of the day was Steve Yzerman obtaining Simon Gagne from Philadelphia in exchange for Matt Walker and a fourth round pick. It was a good move for both teams as it strengthens the Lightning and brings the Flyers under the salary cap.

Red Light District takes a look at the open captain positions around the league and who may ascend to the positions.

Adrian Dater discusses a possibly NHL work stoppage at All Things Avs. A funny description of our friend @adater from @helenenothelen: @adater perfect description of yourself. tho i wouldn't have called u a glass half-empty guy. woulda said you're an 'is there a glass' guy.

Here is an interesting interview on blogging and writing with Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post.

Too Many Men on the Site has the five worst free agent deals on the books. Number one was easy. Where would the Kovalchuk deal rank now?

A look back at the Texas Star's season by @txstarsgirl D'Ann Faught at the new Hockey Quarterly. This is a new site with several good writers already on board including Nashville's own, Mark Willoughby.

Here's something to look forward to next month. Russ Cohen of 100 Ranger Greats will team up with Ranger Crisis for a live broadcast of Ranger History from Bar Nine on August 21.

Will it be shuffleboard or hockey for Mike Modano? Intent to Blow is following the biggest campaign to land a contract since Kovi.

Odds and Ends...

You can't make this up. A man was arrested in Mexico after a plane flight from Peru after getting caught smuggling 18 monkeys into the country in a girdle around his waist. How do you fly on a plane with 18 monkeys and not look suspicious? There is also a video at the link. I'm not sure why they are still bound in the video.

More Later...

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