Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ladies Night on POTG Radio with Michelle Kenneth, Courtney Beckham, and Rebecca Allen and Tuesday Tidbits

Yesterday may have been the slowest day of the summer for hockey news, but that gave us plenty of time to discuss the hottest topic of the week in the hockey blogs. The issue of ladies hockey merchandise (or the lack of it) has caught fire in the social media arena among female hockey fans with a passion that is unprecedented.

Puck Daddy fired the opening salvo at Shop.NHL.com last Tuesday with criticism of the new rhinestone graced "Champagne" line of women's hockey sweaters. The cry that rallied the masses of female puckheads appears to have come from Angelica Rodriguez, with this tweet:
Listen up, @NHL. If you don't stop marketing to female fans as though their brains are between their legs, you're going to lose them.

The lack of fashion choices appears to have been a simmering issue that just needed a spark to set off a massive blaze. A week later, the fire is roaring and it's not slowing down and the NHL marketing folks are listening.

Last night on POTG Radio we had three fashion forward ladies that are as comfortable on the glass at the rink as they are putting together their wardrobes. It was proven that there is no contradiction in being a hardcore hockey fan and feminine at the same time.

Michelle Kenneth of Inside Hockey, Courtney Beckham of Chicks Who Give a Puck, and Rebecca Allen of Hockeyless in Memphis each told their story of frustration in being treated like second class citizens by the NHL fashion marketers who have provided few choices in game day apparel.

Once the fashion issue was covered we moved forward to some serious hockey talk in the extended version of the show available on podcast. We learned about hockey in Minnesota, game used sticks in Memphis, and some very interesting news from Devils-land.

We ask that you join us with the player below or download from iTunes. It was certainly the liveliest hockey talk available anywhere on a very slow hockey news day.

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In Pred Nation...

Sam at PredsBlog did an incredible amount of research including watching post game video of several games to take a detailed look at J P Dumont's reduced ice time at the end of the season.

On the Forecheck's size doubled on Monday with the addition of Seth Lake and Anthony Neal as new writers. Congrats to all for doing a great job. Dirk also started a new venture with Forechecker TV. Have a look.

The Hockey News picked the Predators for tenth in the Western Conference. It's comforting to know that the prognosticators have the Preds out of the top eight. I'm not sure how they would react if they were ever expected to make the playoffs.

Nathan at Predlines is growing impatient in getting Patric Hornqvist signed.

Paul McCann checked in with a few thoughts and has been seeing a few Preds returning to town.

Mayors Manor interviews Bobby Ryan who has good things to say about Ryan Suter from the Olympics.

I was totally shocked when our Tweet-Up at the Sounds game on August 26 actually trended on Twackle for a while yesterday. Go here for details if you plan to attend.

Kovi's Korner...

Inside Hockey has a new look today and Hamilton Bolduc looks at options available to the Devils to make room for a new Kovalchuk contract.

Around the NHL...

Jason Fry has a very informative piece about credentialed bloggers and their place in the media. His interview with Eric McErlain lays the groundwork for answering many questions about the credentialing process and what to expect in the locker room.

Matt Reitz looks at a couple of candidates for a sophomore slump, Tuukka Rask and Jimmy Howard. Steve Mason could be the poster child. He also lists twenty things that have made the offseason interesting.

Big Buff may have left the Hawks, but he still enjoyed his day with the Cup.

Ken Campbell at The Hockey News calls for death to the trapezoid. I agree that it is time as it would really help get the puck back down the ice on the power plays.

The Montreal Canadiens picked up goalie Karri Ramo in exchange for Cedrick Desjardins which was met with a lot of grumbling from the Montreal faithful.

For an untold reason, the NHL national TV schedule that was supposed to be released yesterday was not.

Maybe Peter Forsberg isn't done milking the media about a possible comeback. Intent to Blow has insight into the matter.

Odds and Ends...

Even with the odd weather we have had in the US this summer, nothing compares to this picture of a wave at Bondi Beach in Australia.

Carrie Underwood is moving to Canada to be with her hubby, Mike Fisher.

There was good news from one of the best societal commentary sites on the internet. From @PeopleofWalmart: As you may have noticed today, we have joined forces with Lambook.com & Regretsy.com to begin our climb to the top. These are good complementary sites.

More Later...

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