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Nashville RollerGirls Part Two and Thursday Thoughts

In yesterday's post about the Nashville RollerGirls we talked to a couple of the stars of the team before the match and they explained the ins and outs of the sport. Today we take a look at some live action and talk to Rambo Sambo and Coach Master Bates after the match.

Saturday's match was the RollerGirls second match in the expansive confines of Municipal Auditorium. After skating at the Nashville Fairgrounds for the first two and a half years, they made the move downtown and had a record crowd of 2835 as they defeated Fort Wayne 139-104.

The atmosphere at the rink leading up to the bout was one of anticipation with a musical soundtrack similar to that found in a hockey rink with a bit more of a new music slant. The announcer does a commentary over the music after play begins.

In the following clip, we see Rambo Sambo dominate the opposition on the power jam (like a power play in hockey with a man advantage). She outscored the opposition 15-0 by looping the field three times with the opponent jammer on the bench.

The crowd is allowed to sit on the floor surrounding the rink in the "suicide seats" which is much like sitting on the glass in a hockey arena except there is nothing between you and the action. It is very possible to get a rollergirl on top of you if there is a wipe out.

The leading scorer of the night was Rambo Sambo who scored over half of the team's points and is obviously the fan favorite. At one point, during the second half, Fort Wayne had 69 points as a team and Rambo had 68 by herself.

Rambo spoke with us after the match and was full of adrenaline after skating hard and being cheered on by the lively crowd. Ryan asked her about the comparison to the elusive Titan Chris Johnson.

We also had the opportunity to speak to Nashville's coach, Master Bates. As you saw in Rambo's clip, the coach was pleased that we had a good time at our first bout. He is also a big hockey fan and was thrilled that Pred's Coach Barry Trotz had been at the last bout.

Bates explains in the following clip how he started early on with the team as a scorekeeper and moves to officiating and finally to the position of head coach.

At the end of the night, Ryan (of RLD Hockey) and I were both surprised at how much we had enjoyed the whole experience of our first Nashville RollerGirls event. Granted, we had been given the red carpet treatment by Leann Lewis of the RollerGirls media relations department and got to talk at length to players and coaches.

However, everyone got special treatment after the bout was over when fans poured onto the floor and the ladies signed every autograph and posed for every picture request until all had left the building. The skaters are very appreciative of their fans and are genuinely happy to meet with them before and after the event.

I would recommend that everyone put aside any thought they have about old-time roller derby and spend an evening checking out what is one of the fastest growing ladies sports in the world. Compared to other entertainment options, the price is reasonable and you are on top of the action in a family friendly setting.

Unfortunately, this year's home season is over and there are no more bouts until next year. I, personally, can't wait for the first match next season, so we can go experience it all over again.

Check out RLD Hockey where Ryan has his story from his night with the rollergirls posted too.

In Pred Nation...

Jennifer the PredsAddict has a post campaigning for change in NHL womens's fashion choices. Rebecca Allen, the Tiger Preds Chick, is pushing a Facebook page on the topic too. So if you are female and are sick of the NHL women's clothes that are for sale, join the fashion forward crowd at her Facebook page and push for stylish NHL designs. (I've never used fashion forward in a post but always have wanted to)

The Predators did well in The Program's Central Division Preview last night on BTR. It is in the second hour if you are pressed for time. It almost seemed like the season was near. The first part of the show focused on the pending Hockey Apocalypse. Don't listen if you are meek.

Mark at The View from 111 puts the bow on all the new execs talk with an excellent post.

Marcel Goc talks about his summer vacation at

Forechecker is up early again with his Breakfast Links.

The Predators issued a press release yesterday, confirming what had already come from the Cincinnati Cyclones indicating that their working agreement had been extended.

The BC Local News reports Cody Franson is playing in a pro-am scholarship hockey game on Friday. Maybe he'll find time to sign a new contract too. Cody Franson is also listed as a Western Conference sophomore to watch at FromTheRink.

Bryan Thiel discusses the Pred's most important October game.

Kelly at Preds Fanatic is really Jonesing for hockey.

From@byndblueshirts: Denis Grebeshkov told Sport-Express that NHL teams showed "weak interest" in him, but SKA was only team to make specific offer.

Kovi's Korner...

Dmitry Chesnokov has the latest on the KHL offers for Kovi.

Eric Macramalla is the legal analyst for the Team 1200 and has numerous legal points in the Kovalchuk matter at his web site at Offside: A Sports Law Blog.

Launy "The" Schwartz has a follow-up video on the Kovalchuk situation.

Around the NHL...

Chris Botta sat down with NHL COO John Collins and came up with some interesting information. Everyone will be happy that NHL Networks "On The Fly" will be in HD this year.

The Team USA Under-18s defeated Finland 5-2 at the Ivan Hlinka Tourney to win group A and advance to Friday's simi-final against Sweden.

Agent Rick Curran talks about the impending potential trade involving their client Tomas Kaberle before his no-trade clause kicks in on August 15.

Puck Daddy tells a story that no one would believe. The Prince of Wales Trophy was mis-engraved.

Matt Reitz looks at Vancouver's revamped defense that includes ex-Pred Dan Hamhuis.

Rebekah Sanders has an analysis of the debt situation in Glendale and the Coyotes situation.

From @SergeyCoyotesPR: Shane Doan will serve as the AZ Cardinals' Honorary Captain and take part in pregame coin toss during Saturday's preseason game vs. Houston

Chris Pronger's surgery has been slow to heal and he may not be ready on opening night.

Craig Conroy resigned with the Flames. I'm sure everyone in Calgary is thrilled.

Avalanche magic in Anaheim. Intent to Blow has the story.

Odds and Ends...

If we can talk about RollerGirls Michelle can do theater reviews. Here is her take on the New York production of "Rock of Ages." The road show version is not coming to Nashville.

For those with limited imaginations, this Chinese animation firm put together a video of what the Jet Blue's flight attendant freak out may have looked like. They also have animations of Tiger Woods, Lindsay Lohan and Sarah Palin.

An iceberg four times the size of Manhattan is running amuck in the Arctic Ocean. It is destined to become the emblem of the global warming crowd. Plan on hearing much more in the next year or so about it.

Bob McClellen has some good advice for the Titans players on how to deal with the media.

Lake Mead is at a 54 year low and water rationing is within site if things don't improve.

More Later...

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass

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