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Nashville RollerGirls Round-Up Part One and Wednesday Wrap-Up

Last Saturday Night, Ryan of RLD Hockey and I attended the Nashville RollerGirls match with Fort Wayne at the historic Municipal Auditorium as special credentialed media for the evening. Neither of us had ever been to a bout so we set out to be educated in the sport.

We very quickly found out that modern flat track roller derby is totally different than anything we had seen in the past on television or in the movies. It is a legitimate sport that features speed, hitting and incredible athleticism among the lady skaters that participate.

Prior to the bout, we met with Nashville RollerGirls Captain Rambo Sambo who is also part of the management team for the organization. She was very patient with us as she explained all aspects of the sport to a couple of hockey guys that wanted to learn something new and different.

In the following video with Rambo, we get the lowdown on all aspects of the game including the rules, the playoffs, and the camaraderie among the ladies that skate.

We also spoke with RollerGirl, Susan, who is a world class four-wheel and inline speed skater that competes nationally and took the silver medal in her most recent national competition.

Susan has a son, Zach, that plays travel hockey out of A-Game Sports. We were also able to talk to him later in the night and he is very interested in his mom's competitions. He is also planning to get involved as an official in the Nashville Junior RollerGirls as an official.

In the following clip, it is really entertaining to hear mom, Susan, talk about taking harder hits than her son the hockey player.

Tomorrow, we will look at Rambo Sambo in action and get some post game comments from Rambo and Coach Master Bates. We will also discuss the entertainment value of an evening at the RollerGirls and how there are few things to do in Nashville that are as reasonably priced and fun for the entire family.

Predator's Big Announcement...

Yesterday may prove to be one of the red-letter days in Predator's history with the naming of Jeff Cogen as CEO, and Sean Henry as the President/COO of the team. Both have proven track records in "non-traditional" hockey markets and should set the stage for the Preds to move to the next level with fans in the stands as well as on the ice.

Jeremy tells of yesterday's presser in a nice story at Section 303.

Jim Diamond picked up the good news that it appears the Predators will be able to close on the purchase of the DelBiaggio shares this week.

Brandon Felder checks in and denies that his prior post calling for help at the top had anything to do with the hiring.

Preds TV has sit downs with both the new CEO Jeff Cogen and COO Sean Henry.

MarkMM has a loose transcript of the Preds Presser from yesterday.

Thanks to the Tennesseean's On Nashville for giving us a shout out on our comments about yesterday's announcements.

From Tampa comes the Lightning's story of Sean Henry's departure. In Dallas, Mike Heika reflects on all the departures there.

In Pred Nation...

Bryan Mullen discusses the European look of some of the new incoming Predators.

Forechecker was up early today with his Breakfast Links.

Amanda at Predlines wraps up the latest in the Central division while Nathan compares the NHL and NFL pre-seasons.

Chris Wassel at The Program will feature a Central Division Preview tonight on BTR at 7 p.m. Central.

PredsBlog has a piece about local jersey fouls. He hits the Forechecker hard. Ouch!

Becka is asking for stories of Nashville's hockey history for a research paper for college at OnTheForecheck. The comments have been interesting.

The Cincinnati Cyclones announced that they have renewed their agreement with the Nashville Predators and Milwaukee Admirals for the coming season. Last week they announced that they had replaced the Montreal organization with Florida as their other affiliate.

Kovi's Korner - The Aftermath...

From @TGfireandice: Lamoriello would not discuss timing as far as how long he thinks it will take for him to work out a new contract with Kovy.

Michelle Kenneth follows her original analysis of the Kovalchuk rejection with dire predictions of the hockey apocalypse. Michelle also finds a "red flag" which raises a bunch of questions.

Don LaGreca is talking hockey Armageddon with the way things are going.

Bruce Arthur at the National Post has a story about how Gary Bettman always manages to get his way. It really is amazing.

Vancouver confirms that the NHL is taking an actual look at Robero Luongo's contract. also reports that Mark Savard's contract may also be under active investigation.

Scotty Wazz wonders if it is possible that the whole Kovulchuk matter was a set up.

Puck Daddy has a good summary of the teams involved in the Kovalchuk fall-out and their reactions.

Intent to Blow has found that the Kings have hired actor Bill Murray to consult on the Kovalchuck matter.

Around the NHL...

Ryan Porth had Kings Captain Dustin Brown on RLD Radio last night. Go here for the podcast. Ryan also looks at Cristobal Huet's fall from grace and possible exit from the NHL at From the Point.

Steve Lapore wraps up his five-part series on the next NHL TV deal with some interesting points. This has really been an enjoyable series.

Puck Daddy has the story of the Florida Panthers using the Priceline model to sell tickets.

Odds and Ends...

Sometimes folks go to extremes when they are Jonesing for some Chicken McNuggets. Check out this video from Toledo.

Locally, in Murfreesboro, two 21 year old girls went out ringing doorbells naked. They were lucky the cops got them before someone else did.

Here is a great way to give notice that you are quitting a job.

I was always told that if I swallowed watermelon seeds they would grow in my tummy and I never believed it. This guy swallowed a pea down the wrong way and it actually germinated in his lungs.

More Later...

Buddy Oakes for PredsOnTheGlass

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