Tuesday, August 31, 2010

POTG Radio Podcast with Mick Kern and Tuesday Tidbits

I have to admit that I really enjoyed last night's POTG Radio with Mick Kern more than most of the shows we have done. Being an avid fan of the XM's War Room, it was a blast to ask Mick about stuff that I have been curious about at XM Home Ice and about the man himself.

The show was Mick's first "on-air" show since early July and it is obvious that he has really enjoyed his time off. He admitted that talking hockey for the first time in a while started to get the hockey juices going for the first time since last season.

It was a wide ranging conversation that was not completely focused on current events. We had good discussion on Donald Fehr's potential job with the NHLPA and how Expos fan Mick was affected by the 1994 baseball strike that occurred under Fehr's leadership.

We also discussed media access for bloggers and how it would differ in Nashville and other more traditional markets where space is a major issue. Another point considered was the downside of access and things that many folks don't consider in covering an event.

There were plenty of other topics discussed that I'm sure you will find interesting. We ask that you join us with the player below or on iTunes.

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In Pred Nation...

In a move that will put the Nashville Predators toward the front of the pack in the "blogger friendly" category, the Predators announced a "Blogger Row" initiative to try to increase the coverage given to the team since there is a minimal amount of coverage in the mainstream media. Dirk Hoag has a good synopsis and commentary about the bold move by the Predators.

Barry Trotz appeared on the Thom Abraham show Monday afternoon and Dirk has the audio clip. Forechecker also has a new fan confidence poll that will run until Wednesday. Chris Burton has the season preview for Patric Hornqvist.

Justin from the Goalie Guild has an in depth look at the Predator's situation in goal at School of Block.

Slam Sports looks at the Central Division and asks if the Pred's defense can replace Dan Hamhuis.

Terry Crisp is featured at the Lightning's site highlighting his tenure in Tampa Bay.

The Predators are looking for National Anthem singers. Go here if you are interested in a tryout.

Kovi's Korner...

The new Kovalchuk contract will not come without a cost to the team and it appears that Travis Zajac could be the odd man out.

Sportsnet reports that the deal should be OKed by the NHL. The big question at this point is when. This morning we hear from @JeffMarek: It sounds like the Kovalchuk decision will come down today NHL.

Here's a different take on the Kovalchuk contract from Intent To Blow that relates to the "when" aspect.

Around the NHL...

A new mystery buyer has moved to the forefront in the purchase of the Phoenix Coyotes. Rebekah has more on the situation with Ice Edge Holdings and their Thunder Bay and Phoenix situation.

The NHL Network has a new programming head and plans significant upgrades this season. Puck Daddy has the details.

Nikolai Khabibulin will have his sentencing hearing on his DUI conviction this afternoon in Arizona. Will the Oilers try to void his contract?

Matt Reitz compares the Capitals to the Sharks. How is that? Read on.

Bob Wage steps in at From The Rink with an interesting goalie analysis from around the league.

Ryan Porth has the top five improved teams from over the summer.

Adrian Dater takes a look at the Hall of Fame worthiness of several players who will be eligible in the next few years. There are some close calls here.

ESPN reports that while the Mark Savard trade rumors have gotten quieter, it doesn't mean that the Bruins aren't still trying to trade him. That nasty footnote in the arbitrator's ruling has made it a more difficult situation.

Here's something we haven't heard much about from @EJHradek_ESPN: NHL's CBA with refs/linesmen expires Aug 31. The sides r talking. NHL says nothing dramatic happens if they can't reach agreement by then.

AZ Vibe Sports has the audio of Lee Stemniak's conference call on his new contract. At a $1.9 million cap hit for two years, it will be a bargain if he can continue his late season form.

Here is a video recap from the NHLPA with George Laraque and Dan Hamhuis on their trip to Haiti.

Patrick Hoffman advocates an end to the shootout at RLD Hockey.

Michelle Kenneth reports that Paul Bissonnette will return to Twitter. His new Twitter name was active last night and caused quite a stir with folks signing up quickly. Check it out at @BizNasty2point0. He picked up 1000 followers within the first hour and was over 2500 early this morning.

Odds and Ends...

POTG recently became available on the Amazon Kindle. This piece compares the Kindle to the Nook, iPad and Sony Reader.

Boise State no longer has the ugliest football field now that Eastern Washington has come up with this bright red field.

More Later...

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