Monday, August 16, 2010

POTG Radio Presents Ladies Hockey Night and Monday Round-Up

From the response we have already seen, tonight's POTG Radio appears to be on the road to being one of the more popular topics that we have ever seen.

In the last few days, in the social media arena, we have seen an outpouring of support for a larger variety of clothing and merchandise for female fans. While there are plenty of choices for men, the types of clothing offer to women is very limited.

We will have three very fashion forward ladies join us for a round-table discussion about what is missing and what the NHL needs to offer. Our guests will be Michelle Kenneth of Inside Hockey and her own site, Courtney Beckham of Chicks Who Give a Puck, and Rebecca Allen of Hockeyless in Memphis and the No Pink in the Rink Facebook page.

We will also touch on some hockey talk from the ladies perspective with updates on the Devils, Avalanche, and the Predators from our guests. We'll also open the phone lines for any questions or comments from the listeners.

I was out of town all day yesterday but I hear yesterday's CCPT Hockey Show on BTR got the ball rolling on women's hockey, tonight's topic. Should be good listening at work.

Please join us tonight at 7 p.m. Central at the following link or on i Tunes.

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Unofficial Tweet-Up at the Nashville Sounds Game...

As the long hockey-less summer winds down, a few of us Preds fans discussed getting together for a Sounds game and decided to open it up to all of Pred Nation since we haven't had a Tweet-Up all Summer. @RLDHockey and I went to a game a few weeks ago and realized we had bought a ticket to sit and talk about hockey for three hours. Now we invite others to do the same.

We chose Thursday because it is a special night with with discounted pricing, such as $2 beer, $2 soft drinks, $2 hot dogs, $2 popcorn, and $2 nachos. Depending on the response we will figure out how to get a place where we can all sit together. Go here to let us know if you plan to attend.

In Pred Nation...

Ryan Porth of RLD Hockey makes his debut as the Predator's correspondent at The Fourth Period with a preseason look at the Preds.

Jas Faulkner has a great piece about Shea Weber making it big in the lower 48.

Jim Diamond has a very nice piece discussing the dearth of selection of women's hockey apparel offered by the Predators and other NHL teams.

Jennifer at Addicted give the answer to the age old question of "What Women Want." Unfortunately for all us guys, it's about fashion and not a wider scoped question. If she could explain the bigger question she could retire today.

Steven George writes that the Circus is Back in Town with a piece about the Predator's management shake-up last week.

Douglas Flynn at NESN takes a look at the Predators in a season preview.

Pekka Rinne is listed in the top NHL Goaltenders 30 and Under.

Forechecker's weekend poll asked who would lead the Preds in scoring this year. The voting is close between a newcomer and a third year Predator. James O'Brien at PHT piggy-backs more off the original article.

Seth Lake has a great outline of the goaltender battle that is set to start when the rookies report.

PredsBlog has Horny's goal number eight which came on a blacked out night in Nashville against Tampa Bay.

Dan Ellis has a new Tampa Bay Lightning mask. I'm happy for Dan with his new team. We will still miss him.

Kovi's Korner...

All remains quiet here. Will the start of a week bring news? If something doesn't happen soon, we may have to discontinue this heading.

Around the NHL....

The weekend's biggest news was supposed to be which team of the "twenty" that were interested would trade for the services of Tomas Kaberle. It appears that he was such a hot commodity that no one could afford the asking price as he stayed with Toronto. Maybe teams have learned not to buy into the Brian Burke hype.

Here is Courtney Beckham's original post about the latest hockey fashions being offered by Reebok. Here is a response from Johanna who works for Reebok.

Michelle Kenneth gets on the bandwagon for "No Pink in the Rink" with a post about ladies hockey fashions. She also confirms that I do not wear capris.

Steve Lapore wants to see NHL Network do a tribute to the Hartford Whalers. He also has a list of players invited to the 2010 NHL Research, Development, and Orientation Camp this week. NHL Network will have coverage on Wednesday and Thursday. The Hockey News has a look at the camp and what is expected.

One of the more high profile days with the Stanley Cup was on Friday with Patrick Kane in Buffalo with an early start on the hurri-Kane deck at Niagara Falls.

After hundreds of "Forsberg to attempt comeback" stories, this is different. He may not be able to come back.

Next week, the World Hockey Summit will be the talk of Toronto. The NHLPA says that anyone can participate with their ideas. The down side is that it costs $450 (Canadian I assume) to register.

The latest in hockey nuptials was the Duff-Comrie wedding that was supposed to take place over the weekend. I wonder if we will get any more lewd pictures during the honeymoon.

Matt Reitz delivers the sad news for West coast hockey teams who were expecting big moves over the summer.

Ryan Kennedy at The Hockey News takes a shot at being an NHL arena DJ.

One of our favorite MSM blogs, The Grinder at The Sporting News, has reportedly come to an end. Craig Custance is one of the better hockey guys out there and used this blog very well.

Down Goes Brown has a guide to remaining free agents.

Odds and Ends...

Pro surfer Chuck Patterson has a video he made while surfing of a great white shark at Dana Point, California.

NASA unveiled a new tool to gather hurricane data with, a drone that can stay aloft for 20 hours and scan a area the size of Illinois.

More Later...

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