Thursday, June 9, 2011

Betting Lines Established for Green Men's Activities at Game Five in Vancouver

I had to do a double take when I received this Press Release from Sports Interaction in Montreal. They have established odds for different things that the Green guys could be involved in during game five in Vancouver on Friday night.

Make the jump for the full release with some interesting odds (as a disclaimer, I was not compensated for the post)...


Sports Interaction sets odds on what Vancouver superfans might do next

MONTREAL, JUNE 9th. The green men have become as much a part of this year’s Stanley Cup Finals as Zdeno Chara and the Sedin twins. Now one online sportsbook has posted odds on just what the green men may do next.

The green men, called Force and Sully, have made a name for themselves during the season by taunting Canucks’ opponents during games. It’s their way of doing their bit for the team.

But the Green Men have got bigger than anybody thought they would, and now Sports Interaction is taking bets on what the Green Men will get up to next during Game 5 in Vancouver on Friday night.

“We have all our regular hockey bets – puckline, moneyline, totals – and live betting during the game of course,” says Frank Doyle, a spokesman for Sports Interaction. “That’s a given. But we thought it’d be fun to set some Green Men bets too. Even Don Cherry is talking about the Green Men – you can’t get bigger than that.”

There’s a large range of bets, from the prospect of a Bruin joining in the fun and doing handstands with the Green Men, or a Bruin having enough, dropping the gloves and looking for satisfaction. The most frightening prospect? Clearly a wardrobe malfunction at 16/1.

The full list of Sports Interaction Green Men props is:

Any Bruins player punches one of the Green Men    5/1
Green Man ejected from Arena for handstands against visitors penalty box    6/1
Any Bruins player to 'handstand' the Green Men while in penalty box    10/1
Green Men 'honorary captains' for Game 5    14/1
Cam Neely ejected for fighting with Green Men    16/1
Green Man to have a 'wardrobe malfunction'    16/1
Green Man bites Bruins fan's finger    18/1
Green Men co-host Coach's Corner with Don Cherry     20/1
Glenn Healy broadcasts wearing a Green Man spandex suit    20/1
Green Men climb inside visitors’ penalty box    20/1
Green Men accept Stanley Cup on behalf of Canucks    50/1

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