Friday, June 3, 2011

POTG Friday Headlines, News, and Morning Links

Happy Friday folks! It was a short week but that has only meant that we had four days to do a full week's worth of work. I hope everyone gets to enjoy their weekend.

As is the case in a stretched out Stanley Cup Finals every year, the two day breaks really interupt the rhythm of the every other day games for teams that we have been used to through the first three rounds. It gives us more time to anticipate the next game and for the media to chew on incidents in the last game.

Make the jump for today's news and links that we you find interesting...

In Pred Nation...

Here are a couple of interesting items from a Preds Email...  Blake Geoffrion and Wade Belak will be on the Red Carpet at next week's CMT Awards Show at the Bridgestone Arena. Nick Spaling and Blake Geoffrion will be taking part in the City of Hope Softball Tournament on Saturday, June 11. It's good to see Blake hanging out in Nashville and being a part of the community.

Just in time for Friday is Mark Willoughby's weekly "My View."

Josh Cooper looks at Francis Bouillon's past season.

Jeremy Gover is up to number six in his top 15 Preds moments.

Jeremy was the perfect person to give the grade to Cal O'Reilly at On The Forecheck.

Rarely has there been such a slow news day that the Preds trading Taylor Stefishen for a 2013 conditional draft pick is actually news that makes the headlines on

J. R. Lind uncovers an odd fact from the Predators situation in the summer of 2007 where True North did have a discussion with Craig Leopold about the Predators.

Kris Martel comes up with a new C.A.S.E. rating system.

In the shameless self promotion category, Nashville Blogs did great on the national level at WIKIO once again in May. On the Forecheck was ranked second, RLD Hockey was seventh, POTG was 17th, and Section 303 was 38th. Who says Nashville is not a hockey town.

SCF News...

Nick Cotsonika writes about Tim Thomas's resiliency in the face of a loss.

Here is an account from both Alex Burrows and Patrice Bergeron on the "bite-gate" incident in game one. The official word was no supplemental discipline.

Steve Lapore reports that Game one had the best rating since 1999. NBC has to be pleased with that little surprise. Steve has the individual market ratings. Nashville did well and Kansas City proved they should never get a team.

Rogers Arena is selling tickets for a full arena tweet-up for game three. Tickets are $10 each and I'm sure the place will be full.

Around the NHL...

The daily update on Winnipeg season tickets is at 4170 with tickets still a couple of days away from a public sale.

Michelle Kenneth was on the front end of the Shanahan replacing Campbell move, asking for it in early 2010.

Kevin Allen speculates on the length of Brendan Shanahan's honeymoon in his new job.

Adam Proteau ponders if the NHL is ready to get serious about supplemental discipline.

Bruce Arthur writes about Gary Bettman winning and losing at the same time.

Great news from Pittsburgh that Sidney Crosby is beginning his Summer workouts.

Richard Pollock does a breakdown of what True North actually bought to go on the ice. Illegal Curve also returned to a daily links post which used to be a regular feature at their site.

Brad Richards will not be re-signed in Dallas and possibly will have his signing rights traded. For those speculating yesterday, Nashville will not be in the mix.

Detroit broadcaster Mickey Redmond will receive the Foster Hewett Award and the Edmonton Sun's Terry Jones will receive this year's Elmer Furguson Award.

Matt Reitz looks at the bets you can make on Winnipeg. I would take the over on 83.5 points and bet against Teemu Selanne signing with the Peg.

Next time you hear someone say that Kansas City is an expansion town, consider this from @stevelepore: Signs Kansas City might not be a hockey town: Market drew an 0.8/5 for Game 1 of SCF, 56th out of the Top 56 US TV markets.

Edmonton Oiler Gilbert Brule picked up a hitchhiking Bono and his girlfriend in Vancouver and gave them a ride. He was rewarded with tickets to show in Edmonton. Here is video of Bono's side of the story.

SI has a nice piece on Mike "Doc" Emrick who is calling his 13th Stanley Cup Final.

Hockey's Future discusses how all the NHL prospects performed in the Memorial Cup finals.

Odds and Ends...

When the space shuttles are sent to their final museum destinations they will have been picked over by scientists and engineers wanting specific items to study.

NASA is hosting a Tweet-up at the final launch of the Space Shuttle.

Droid Life discusses task killers for Android. I learned something here.

A twin of the Milky Way Galaxy has been found and photographed.

More Later...

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