Friday, June 17, 2011

POTG Friday Headlines, News, and Morning Links

So how did all you other die-hard hockey fans spend your first off-season evening of no hockey on the tube?

With nothing specific on the agenda, on the way home, I called my mysterious, non-public wife, who my hockey friends don't think exists, and suggested that we take the puppies for a walk around the neighborhood.

This was a first for the puppies. We got Mazie Grace aka Maze at the end of September, and we got Pekka aka Peks in February, so they have not known what a hockey-less evening was like. They were thrilled with the new experience. They marked new territory all around the block.

This weekend, the wife even agreed to go see the Nashville RollerGirls in action at Municipal Auditorium. It's really amazing that there are other things to do when hockey is not on the tube. How is everyone else going fill the gap for the next 108 days before hockey starts up again?

Make the jump for today's news and links...

Programming Note...

RLD Hockey will have a special Friday edition today with Joe Haggerty AKA @HackswithHaggs from CSN Northeast to discuss the Boston Bruins amazing run. Join us at noon CDT. Looking ahead, on Saturday, there will be another episode with Russ Cohen taking a look at next weeks draft.

Also. Thanks to Wade Neely of WKSR who had me on his morning show on Thursday to discuss the finals and what is ahead for the Predators in the next few weeks.

In Pred Nation...

Congratulations to Ryan Porth at RLD Hockey that has launched a new Predators only site called Smashville 24/7 that will give him more of a forum to cover the local team. Check out the site and add @Smashville247 on Twitter.

Jim Diamond has an analysis of the Predators options of what to do with Steve Sullivan and J. P. Dumont in regards to next season.

Josh Cooper has his year end look at Matthew Lombardi and a press release about Mike Fisher's new book that is due out in August.

Mark Willoughby has his weekly "My View" with a section on the cost of college tuition. I can vouch for what he says about the rising costs.

Dirk Hoag is using his old site AKA "On The Forecheck 1.0" for a discussion about sports blogging. Dirk also calls out the Mayor of Vancouver for not properly preparing for the potential of riots on Wednesday night.

Rachel from What the Puck looks at the Tainted Celebration.

Jeremy Gover says that the road to the Stanley Cup Finals goes through Smashville.

Admirals Roundtable has congrats to Rich Peverly as well as what traits they would want in their new coach.

Big Ben is drumming up support for one of the Predator's dancers that is in the Hooter's competition.

Around the NHL...

If you are up early today a few Bruins will have the Cup on the Today Show and then at the NHL Store. The big parade is set for 11 a.m. Saturday and will run from TD Garden to Coply Square.

Sean Leahy has the top ten goals of the postseason including a couple where the Predators were the defendants.

The Minnesota Wild will hold a news conference today at 11 a.m. CDT to announce Mike Yeo as the teams new Head Coach. Yeo is 37 years old and took the Houston Aeros to the Calder Cup finals this year.

While we are still waiting for the talent list for the NHL Awards Show, it was announced that John Varvatos will be the official designer of the NHL and dress several of the nominees.

Roberto Luongo does his best Ahhnold impression saying "we'll be back."

Unlike the Blackhawks last year, the Boston Bruins will not have casualties related to the salary cap before next season and should remain mostly in tact.

Ryan Porth looks at Tim Thomas's great season. He also writes about the end of the Canuck's dream season. Finally, Ryan recaps the finals and has the top five Cup contenders for next year.

RLD Hockey has the offseason look at the Pacific Division with several guest writers.

Olie Kolzig was hired as the Washington Capitals new goaltending coach and is thrilled to be back.

Steve Lapore has the news on game seven being the highest rated ever. He also has local ratings for games five and six. Canada also set a new record.

The odds are out for next year's Cup winner and the Canucks are favorites once again. The Penguins look good at 9-1 if Sidney is healthy.

Michael Langlois always has a great perspective and wraps up the finals here. He also looks at what lies ahead for Roberto Luongo.

Here is a video of the rioting taken by a cell phone where it shows that not everyone was participating and that there were fans that were trying to stop the looting.

Nick Cotsonika has a first had story of the Vancouver riots. Even the media was not immune. James Mirtle points the finger at those with several layers of responsibility for the mayhem. The light at the end of the tunnel was the efforts of some on the day after to help clean up.

Here is a sad story from Atlanta on one of the many casualties of the Thrashers' move to Winnipeg. Blueland Blog is also on the verge of shutting down and looks back at their favorite games.

The Yes campaign on Long Island is now in full swing getting ready for the August 1 vote for a new arena.

It looks like the Blues will not have Ty Conklin or Cam Janssen back next season.

Lou Lamoriello says that the Devils will do what they can to keep Zach Parise.

Intent to Blow has the inside scoop on Ryan Kesler getting his name etched on the Cup.

Odds and Ends...

If you are worried about Facebook's facial recognition that is "on" by default, here is how to disable it.

$499 for a Motorola Xoom is starting to get close to being appealing.

Scott's Miracle-Gro is targeting medical marijuana growers as customers to increase profits.

Wal-mart has a plan to know everything about what you, as an  individual, wants.

More Later...

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