Wednesday, June 15, 2011

POTG Game Seven Day Headlines, News, and Links

It is hard to believe that it all started eight months ago with thirty teams hoping to have the chance to lift the Stanley Cup on a warm evening in June. Tonight, with a level ice surface, two teams have the chance to do that. One will fail and the other will live in infamy as the 2011 Stanley Cup Champions.

With what we have seen trough six games, there has been a record amount of inconsistency so there is no way to logically make a fair prediction based on how things have gone. My gut says that the
Canucks will win in a low scoring game seven that could possibly find an overtime period which would be pure nirvana for true NHL fans.

One thing is guaranteed and that is that tonight's game at 7 p.m. CDT on NBC will be one for the ages, capping one of the most Jeckle and Hyde series in recent history. Invite friends and family that don't watch hockey to tune in as it will be a battle between two teams that have been ravaged by injury and do not like each other at all.

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In Pred Nation...

Jim Diamond discussed Nick Spaling and Matt Halischuk with one of their former junior coach Troy Smith. Smith is here as part of the Elite Hockey Showcase that is being held at A-Game Sports and is being headed by the Preds' Brandon Walker.

Amanda DiPaolo has more on the Elite Hockey Showcase.

Jeremy Gover confirms that Dan Hamhuis could become the first Predator draft pick to lift the Cup tonight.

Josh Cooper has the Cal O'Reilly season in review. It was a short one. He also writes that the Preds have the highest season ticket renewal rate in teams history and that he new sweaters will be released this summer.

Steve Sullivan breaks down tonight's game seven at The Tennessean.

It appears that prospect Andreas Thuresson is headed to the KHL for next year.

Aaron Sims looks at all the coaches turnover in the AHL and what the Admirals may do for a head coach.

The Predators have opened a contest for a chance at a suite during a game next season. All you have to do is pick the correct winners at the NHL Awards Show next Wednesday night.

Ladies, now is your chance. For information on becoming an ice girl go here and to be a dancer go here.

John Glennon writes about Twitter (which is funny in itself since he was a late adopter) and how the Preds and Titans have stayed out of major trouble.

SCF Tidbits...

Was Daniel Sedin guaranteeing a game seven victory?

With a broken back, Mason Raymond was unable to take the team charter back to Vancouver. Nathan Horton was able to make the trip.

NYT Slapshot has more on the Raymond injury and the controversy surrounding it.

Craig Custance looks at how Roberto Luongo has fared in elimination games in his career.

Mark Recchi is really wanting to win the Cup and retire.

Here is game seven by the numbers from the Canucks.

Ryan Porth says that we've reached the tipping point of the most unpredictable series.

Eric Duhatschek throws the book out the window for game seven.

As expected there was no supplemental discipline for Johnny Boychuk for his hit on Mason Raymond.

Who are the unlikely game seven heroes in the past decade?

The Green Men are ready to be in top form for tonight's game.

Finally, Matt Reitz has many ways to gamble on tonight's game.

Around the NHL...

As expected, Paul MacLean was named head coach of the Ottawa Senators. Here is the video of this announcement.

George Malik has a huge Red Wings round-up and says no decision on returning players or the status of Nick Lidstrom will be made untill after the Awards Show.

It all starts on Thursday with Ilya Bryzgalov meets with the Philly Brass.

There is actually news in this post including the fact that the Avalanche are getting offers for their second pick but the real highlight here is a picture of Adrian Dater in Jamaica with dreadlocks.

Ryan Porth has the South East Division offseason preview with a blogger from each team.

Mark Willoughby looks at what makes Winnipeg different the second time around.

Winnipeg doesn't have a name or a coach but you can look at some possible intro songs at Illegal Curve.

Odds and Ends...

Proctor and Gamble looks around the world for more sales opportunities every day.

Social media is the new exit poll as evidence in Monday night's republican debate.

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