Saturday, June 11, 2011

POTG Weekend Headlines, News, and Links

After looking as bad as a team could look in Boston, The Vancouver Canucks and Roberto Luongo found their magic at Rogers Arena last night with a 1-0 win to take a 3-2 lead as the series heads to Boston for game six when the Stanley Cup will be in the building.

We had a story, postgame transcripts from Roberto Luongo and Max Lapierre, game notes, and Johnny Canuck which is a great video.

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In Pred Nation...

Jeremy Gover is down to the end of his series with the Number One Predator Moment of the year!

Dirk Hoag has his Saturday Links and news that On The Forecheck topped three million hits. Congrats!

Paul McCann gave the grade to Pred's captain Shea Weber.

The Ottawa Citizen has a preview of Mike Fisher's new book due out soon.

Jas Faulkner checks in at the Hockey Writers covering the hiring of Lane Lambert and other recent topics in Nashville.

SCF Tidbits...

Ratings for game five were down according to Steve Lapore.

Since Pop Evil's "Last Man Standing" has become the theme of the NHL Playoffs will they be at the Awards Show like Shinedown was last year when they received so much play?

Puck Daddy reviews the Johnny Canuck Video that we ran last night. They did indeed save money without a real live Predator.

Bruce Arthur tries to figure our who has the moral high ground in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Matt Reitz wants to see more feel good stories in the finals instead of all the negativity.

Puck Daddy explains the NHL mandate that players stick to NHL wear during media availabilities.

Here are the details of the Green Men's visit to Boston.

See how you score at Daniel or Henrik?

So why does Boston not deserve to win the Cup?

This body paint job is better than the one @BigBenPreds had - and it was on a nicer palette.

Around the NHL...

The Checking line does an Q and A with Puck Daddy himself to give us more information about the real Greg Wyshhynshi.

The RLD crew Makes the Case for each of the three Vezina finalists.

Matt Reitz has his "I Might Be a Hockey Fan in California" today.

Craig Ramsay and the Thrasher coaches wait to hear their future while many of the support staff have been given their walking papers.

RLD Hockey looks at the offseason needs of the Atlantic Division teams.

Part 5 of the season ending Kings round-table is up as Kingscast 112.

With so many season tickets being scooped up by brokers last week, Illegal Curve takes a look at the local law on scalping.

Grant Clitsome signed on for two more years in Columbus.

A Day in the Life of a Hockey Wife takes a look at the idiocy of what folks say on fan forums.

Icethetics finishes off Atlanta and looks at some Winnipeg concepts.

Our friend Dani Muccio aka @dani3boyz has social media tips for newbies at the Islanders web site.

Odds and Ends...

The 13th Annual Club Zion Surf Camp starts Monday in Cocoa Beach and is an incredible event where 250 teens get surf lessons for free for a week. We have been three or four times and hope to go again next year.

They typist of Schindler's list has passed away. His help to Schindler saved 1200 lives.

You can't make this stuff up. A six foot tall contortionist from Poland was working a scam in Spain where he would hide in a suitcase and then riffle through all the other baggage in the compartment.

A Muslim female weight-lifter wants to compete in the US Seniors competition but has not been allowed to do so because she wants to remain covered.

How does a person get 81 cats at their house and then turn them in to an animal shelter.

Here are characteristics of a Twitter elitist.

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