Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Top Eight Quotes from the Media Scrums the Day Before Game Seven of the SCF

There were ton's of quotes from the media sessions today so we culled out out top eight that cover a range of topics and each one shows a little bit of the personality of the speaker.

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8. Mike Gillis

"I'm not in charge of supplementary discipline, so I'm not the right person to ask about that. I think when you see the severity of that injury, the way our doctors described it to me, very, very dangerous, and, you know, I'm always disappointed when you see any player get injured. I was asking Lawrence when the last time we saw a broken back occur in the NHL. I can't recall it other than an incident here a number of years ago. But it wasn't a chipped vertebrae or cracked vertebrae. It's broken through the belly of his vertebrae, so it's a very serious injury. You never want to see any player on any team have an injury like that."

7. Claude Julien

(On the Boychuk hit on Raymond ) "I haven't looked at it that closely. I don't really have time to really bother with that when you've got Game 7 coming up. We've talked more about what we need to do here, not analyzing the injured player of the other team."

6. Ryan Kesler

"It's tough to compare the two (Olympics and Game Seven) , but I think one difference is I think I got 18,000 on my side this time, an entire city and country (laughter). It's going to be a little different that way. It's going to be fun. Obviously the Olympics was a great experience but I've seen what these guys have worked so hard for all year and as a team, as a family, we want this really bad."

5. Alain Vigneault

"Everybody is fine, telling you that since the start of the playoffs. This is the best time of the year. I know we're looking forward to the opportunity tomorrow. It's a great opportunity, it's an honor to be able to play a 7th game in the Stanley Cup finals, and everybody that's available is going to play at 100%."

4. Chris Higgins

"Obviously Mason is a popular guy on the team and we would love to have him in there. It's unfortunate that he can't play and we would love to win this one for him and for ourselves, too. It's Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals, so we're going to have fun out there."

3. Ryan Kesler

"I don't think any guy is going to complain about fatigue tomorrow night. We're going to be jacked. We're going to be ready."

2. Raffi Torres

"But for here, we've played the right way. We put ourselves in a great position all year long to play this way. We feel confident, we're happy to be home, and it's going to be good. At the end of the day, it's one game do or die."

1. Tim Thomas

"The reality is, for me anyways, this may be the only Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals that I ever have in my career. If we happen to make it again, hopefully we can win before 7. But it's a big game. When we're in the garage or driveway playing as a kid and you're fantasizing, well, I was Stevie Yzerman, which doesn't make sense for a goalie, but you're saying to yourself, Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals, you're not saying Game 6, you know? So this is really, you know, what every kid dreams about."

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