Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Turning Point in J.P. Dumont's Career (Video)

Nashville Predators fans will always have a warm spot in their heart for J. P. Dumont who had the final year of his contract bought out by the team this morning.

J.P. came to Nashville at the beginning of the 2006-07 season and was a leading point producer in his first three seasons with the Predators totaling 66, 72, and 65 points.

He started well in the 2009 season with 19 points in the Predators first 20 games. On December 8, 2009 in a home game against Vancouver, Alex Burrows completely laid out Dumont in a violent open ice hit and J.P. was never the same again. He finished the year with 45 points and then had 19 last season.

Dumont was not diagnosed with a concussion after the hit and I have never heard of any specific ongoing problems. Anyone who has followed the Predators will draw the same line in the sand as to when things changed on the ice with Dumont.

We will miss him and wish him the best wherever he lands and hope that he returns to Nashville when he retires since he appears to have made a permanent home here.

Here is a video of the violent hit from Alex Burrows...

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Anonymous said...

I believe this was the hit that started the decline, but the Robidas hit on 10/03/2009 the following season finished him off. I think he missed a lot of games before coming back and was never the same player.