Friday, July 15, 2011

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There was plenty of talk and feedback after the Predators Skate of the Union unveiling of the new "Predator Gold" home jersey. For those who got to see the true color up close (not just in pictures), apprehension turned to relief, and then turned into acceptance.

The only legitimate complaint that I heard was from a lady friend who explained that the gold color did not look good on her but she was committed to buying a road white instead, so it was a win-win for everyone.

There is a really interesting story behind the move to a drastically new concept for jerseys and color schemes. We will post an update on that over the weekend.

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Craig Smith Decision...

Big news last night was the news that Preds' prospect Craig Smith recanted on his commitment to return to Wisconsin for his junior year and decided to turn pro. David Poile had discussed that the Predators had encouraged him to turn pro at the SOTU on Wednesday.

Marc Torrence, Jim Diamond, David Boclair, Jeremy Gover, Lady Preds, and Ryan Porth all comment on the Craig Smith decision.

In Pred Nation...

Ryan Porth did such a good job extracting written highlights for the SOTU that I may forgo a similar post.

Mark Willoughby has another good summary broken down by speaker as well as his weekly "My View."

Patten Fuqua ponders whether the 2009 draft was David Poile's best.

Paul McCann points out that a Predators Alumni group is being formed. That is a great idea.

Look for a new 303:30 today with the return of Codey Holland and a special guest. Jeremy also looks at the conversion of an ex-Thrasher fan at Wednesday's SOTU.

News from that that Pekka Rinne is the part owner of the Finnish hockey team Kiekko-Laser

Around the NHL...

RLD Hockey has a post about the depth in the Eastern Conference after this summers frenzy. As a whole, I agree the East did more to improve.

The Cody Franson "3rd of July-gate" is not dying in Toronto. What was said and the stations response don't jive. Cody Franson is no Shane O'Brien-like tough guy on the ice but Bill Waters' bashing of him is unfounded. Also at PPP, a gay male hockey fan gives his thoughts about the matter.

Puck Daddy looks at a survey of teams that are allegedly easy to cheer for as well as a survey on the new Preds jersey.

Pierre Lebrun has left the CBC and will be at TSN while maintaining his ESPN duties.

Sidney Crosby is back on the ice for the first time since April.

Ryan Porth defends Shane O'Brien at the Avalanche Guild.

Phoenix heads Adam Proteau's list of five least improved teams of the summer.

Russ Cohen has an inside look at the NHL Entry Draft.

Michael Duco's diving comments about the Sedin brothers is coming back to haunt him.

Aaron Wood points out that Daryl Jones of Ice Edge Holdings calls out Glendale Mayor Elaine Scruggs for her TV interview last week that may have been the death of the Coyotes in the desert.

More ex-Thrasher staff is going to Winnipeg than was previously thought.

The Islanders are having a video contest to show why folks should vote for the new arena on August 1.

Michael Langlois has 50 opinions at Vintage Leaf Memories.

Hockey Bay has a Phil Esposito Shrine and the offseason is a good time to check it out.

Not exclusive to hockey but SI released its Top 100 Twitter folks in sports. There's a hand full of hockey folks on there.

Odds and Ends...

So what is hotter? Google + with 10 million users or Android phones with 550,000 new users per day.

It is amazing that you can do something really stupid and then go on Good Morning America to talk about it.

North Dakota's statehood is in question and there will be a vote next year to correct the oversight. One man has spent 16 years trying to get it corrected.

For those fuming about Netflix, here is somewhat of an explanation about the price increase. It appears they are headed away from DVDs and the hike should speed that up.

The World Book Encyclopedia is now available to all Tennesseans for free through the TEL web site.

100 Twitter tips from the same dude is a bit much even if he does have 100,000 followers. I don't see a tip about what to do about porn bots. I bet he has thousands.

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