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POTG Wednesday Headlines, News, and Links: Are Preds in a Rookie Camp?

Since we are immersed in the replay of the Predators-Canucks series, in historical perspective, game two was a major break through in selling "Predator hockey" to the masses in Canada over the CBC broadcast.

Under the circumstances, it may have been the biggest victory in Predator history. After a complete no-show in game one, the Preds rose from the dead at the end of regulation, on the road, to give the President Cup winners more than they could handle. Pekka Rinne confirmed his Vezina Trophy nomination too.

The resilient victory in game two, in double overtime, combined with the first airport reception at the Nashville airport the following day was what started to win the hearts and minds of the Canadian viewers.

In game three, which will be broadcast tonight, the folks north of the border were introduced to the Smashville crowd, which until that point was non-existent according to certain MSM folks in the GTA.

It is interesting to consider the rivalry that was born in this series that was seemingly not possible prior to last year's playoffs.

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In Pred Nation...

We have seen no confirmation from the Predators but a release from the Tampa Bay Lightning has a rookie squad from Nashville playing in a three team tournament from Florida and Tampa with a game on September 12.

Update: The official word on the rookie cam came down later in the day. Here are the details.

Paul McCann blasts Newschanel5 and Phil Williams for all the grandstanding on the proposed concession deal at the Bridgestone Arena. I was especially appalled but the "local jobs creation" quote when I first read it. 99% of the jobs will be local no matter who has the contract. No one is going to Mexico to buy a beer during intermission.

In case you missed it, here is the link to the audio of NHL Home Ice's Predators' preview from yesterday.

Robby Stanley asks what you are most excited about in the coming season.

Ryan Porth has his player preview for Mike Fisher at Smashville 24/7.

Jeremy Gover has part two of his outlook on defense for the Preds whit his look at the projected second line.

Dirk Hoag features a Pekka Rinne save as the # 4 best moment of the playoffs at OTF.

Jeremy Sargent is still beating the drum to bring Alexander Semin to Nashville. Horrible fit.

Wade Belak is getting more press for Battle of the Blades than he did as a player.

Big things are expected of ex-Pred Mark Dekanich in Columbus.

Around the NHL...

Dean Kovacevic calls Sidney Crosby's silence "indefensible" in a column this morning. While Sid is under no obligation to make statements, he is the best player in the game and folks are interested.

Matt Cooke claims to be a changed man after dealing with his wife's serious illness.

Joe Yerdon makes the case that the NHL should take notice with the forced resignations of Paul Kariya and Dave Scatchard. Steven Stamkos says that the NHL needs Sidney Crosby.

RLD Hockey has the fantasy outlook for left wings. Ryan also has players on new teams that will have the greatest fantasy impact.

Dustin Penner is happy to see the Kings pick up Ethan Moreau.

Patrick Kane is hoping to be back by opening night of the season.

Steve Lapore proves what we always thought that the Rangers and Flyers play every other week on national TV. This is an interesting list of all NHL TV match-ups since 1994.

Pete Jensen puts together the best 16 man fantasy roster of all time in an interesting piece.

Copper and Blue has the latest Futures Odds on the NHL from Vegas Insider. These are virtually unchanged from when we were there in June and do not accurately reflect the ups and downs due to signings.

In THN's prediction countdown, all of the teams projected not to make the playoffs are finished with the number nines in each division revealed.

Down Goes Brown has a buyers guide to a poor group of remaining free agents.

BioSteel is the new drink of choice among NHLers. They were in a big media blitz to get the word out yesterday.

Odds and Ends...

Actual headlines of a news story, "Bull semen forces closure of interstate ramp."

Since Pluto was demoted from being one of the nine planets around the sun to being a dwarf planet five years ago today, four more dwarf planets have been named. Do you know what they are called?

If you are expecting the economy to get better in the next 12 months, you will be out of luck according to a survey of leading economists.

Our prayers go out to Pat Head Summitt with the shocking revelation of early dementia.

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