Saturday, August 27, 2011

POTG Weekend Headlines, News, and Notes: Prayers for the East Coast

As I finish the weekend roundup, the US East coast is getting pounded with wind and rain from Hurricane Irene and it looks like it will be tracking the coast line all the way to New York City and Long Island. We send prayers to all our friends in the East and urge everyone to hang close with friends and family and stay safe.

Back in Nashville, if you are looking for stuff to do this weekend, the Predators are involved in five big events including a race, an open house, sled hockey, baseball, and wild animals. If you are at the Bridgestone, you can see the new dasher boards.

The last fateful game in the Preds-Canucks series replays tonight at 5:00 and 9:00 p.m. on NHL Network.

In Pred Nation...

Jeremy Gover is the latest member of Bloggers Row to have a guest post at where he discusses what makes the game experience in Smashville so special. Jeremy also has the latest episode of the 303:30 with Pete Weber and 102.5's Darren McFarland.

Ryan Suter is the highlighted player at 24/7 today in their series of player previews.

The number one moment in Dirk Hoag's postseason countdown was... David Legwand's empty netter. Go to OTF to relive the moment. Dirk also does some serious number crunching in a feature on how the Preds will replace the offense from the departed players.

Kris Martel wonders what the Predators will get out of Colin Wilson this season.

It was revealed via Twitter that Joe Dubin, from Channel 2 Sports will host an hour long sports show from 2-3 p.m. on 102.5 The Game beginning on Monday. The current format at 102.5 is doing some odd things in preparation for Monday's 6 a.m. kickoff of the new format.

Also on The Game from @BelakWade: Nashvillians tune into the " WadeBelak Show "Airing this Monday night 9-10pm on 102.5 The Game.

Around the NHL...

RLD Hockey's Fantasy Week moves on to the goaltender preview and the top five Fantasy Comeback players. The last post may be the most important, with players to avoid. If you want a keen series on fantasy hockey, you should go back through the entire series. Ryan Porth and Jeff Angus did a great job.

RLD's Saturday face-off has a three way argument about which team improved the most.

Matt Reitz has his weekly hockey guy in California round-up.

Mike Modano appears to be the only person that doesn't know that he is on the verge of retirement.

Puck Daddy looks at another issue with the NHL's charity point.

Michael Langlois has a unique historical perspective on Sidney Crosby's injury situation.

Just like every other workplace, the hockey dressing room is full of pranksters. Justin Bourne has his report.

Here is a plea not to cut out the hockey program at UAH. I don't see how you can host the Frozen Four and then drop the sport.

Adventures in Pucking looks back at Manon Rheaume who was the only female to play with an NHL team.

Odds and Ends...

There is a new exhibit at the Nashville Archives about the old Sulphur Dell baseball stadium. This is one that I want to see.

If you ever decide to disappear, here is a web site called Delete Your Account where you can try to become invisible.

Is Amazon ready to start cranking out cheap tablets in the next couple of months?

Robonaut 2 AKA @robonaut2 is now Tweeting from the International Space Station.

More Later...

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