Thursday, December 8, 2011

POTG Predators Seven Stories: Pekka the Puppy Pictures Revealed Edition

  1. J.R. Lind has a good piece at The Scene that sets the stage for the Preds' meeting with the Ducks on Saturday. It's too bad that the OCR's Jeff Miller wouldn't talk to JR to defend himself.
  2. Josh Cooper has a nice feature on Jack Hillen who joins the legions of David Poile's finds over the years. He also talked to Jordin Tootoo who remains committed to defending his hit on Ryan Miller.
  3. David Boclair points out that the Predators' recent losses are coming against teams that they really need to beat.
  4. John Manasso talked to David Poile about his thoughts on the final realignment product.
  5. Jeremy Sargent reveals the fact that the Predators have really struggled against back-up goalies this year.
  6. Today's edition of 15 years of Bridgestone Arena lands in 2004 and features a video with Amy Grant.
  7. Jim Diamond has the story behind the story of the Predators and their puppies calendar that was given out last week. It's very disappointing that Preds' goalie, Pekka Rinne posed with a rental dog when our dog Pekka was available to pose with his namesake. 

Here is a very sad Pekka the Puppy when he was shown the picture of Rinne with another dog...

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