Friday, December 30, 2011

POTG Winter Classic Seven Stories: Salad Bar Strategy Edition

  1. Saturday's Winter Classic Alumni Game has been pushed back two hours to 3 p.m. local time. It sounds like the old guys are ready to get the game going.
  2. Adrian Dater is on a campaign to move some of the future Winter Classics to the west.
  3. has a behind the scenes look at the Winter Classic for Danny Briere.
  4. Dan Rosen reports that the rink is ready and the weather is looking much better.
  5. EA Sports simulation has the Flyers winning Monday's game.
  6. Sean Avery has been placed on waivers and could be gone before the Winter Classic.
  7. The Flyers had their last warm-up for the Winter Classic in Pittsburgh in a huge rivalry game where Jaomir Jagr returned to his old stomping grounds. The Rangers wind up their preparations in Florida tonight.

If you ever belly up to a free salad bar and view it as a competition to see how much you can pile on your plate, then here is a guide for you. I employ some of the same tactics at Mongolian Grill.

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