Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend Round Up and Podcast News

On a programming note, there will not be a PredsOnTheGlass Radio show tonight as it would fall in the middle of the Preds-Jackets game which is where Predator fans focus needs to be.

For those suffering through podcast withdrawal, I appeared on two separate BlogTalkRadio hockey shows yesterday and talked the Predators situation to death. Both were far more intense Predator discussions than we usually get into on our show.

Early in the afternoon, I appeared on the Hockey Guys show produced by Crash The Crease. The Hockey guys are Dustin Leed, Brandon Augienello and Anthony Curatolo. They do a great job and deserve a listen. The Preds stuff begins about 30 minutes into the show.

Later in the day, I went on On Goal Analysis podcast that is called JabberHockey. The show is hosted by The Colonel, Big Tex, and Frozen Pill. They do a good job and have tons of interesting stuff at their site. The Predator stuff kicks off at the start of the show.

In Predator Nation...

If you missed it, here is our game story from the Wings game along with all the postgame interviews.

Other stories on the game come from Brandon Felder, Forechecker, Pull My (Fang) Finger, What the Puck, The View from 111, Fan Huddle, and See Puck City.

The Predators made a move on Sunday but it wasn't the one we expected. Cody Franson was sent to Milwaukee. Admirals Short Shifts had the lead on the story before the official announcement.

No other moves were announced to replace Jordin Tootoo, who looks like he will be out for a while with an injury to "a part of his body" as Barry Trotz called it. Little did Trotz know that five minutes earlier Toots had showed us the exact spot where he was hit by Shea Weber's bomb. John Glennon reports that the results of the MRI won't be known until later today.

Jim Diamond has more on Weber's past exploits injuring his team mates. He also has his weekly Pred prospect article.

John Glennon's post game ponderings from Saturday cover a lot of ground at Inside Predators. This morning he has a nice piece about Kevin Klein's increased role with the Preds as well as a game at a glance for tonight's game.

AJ has a new post this morning with an extended look at the rise, fall and rebirth of Todd Bertuzzi who killed the Preds on Saturday. This is one of AJ's best pieces.

Another new blog has popped up with an interesting twist. It's called Preds 101: A Preds Blog for Football Fans and their goal is to make hockey understandable to new fans. It is written by a long time Preds fan "Josh R." who is doing what we all should have done more of in the past.

Admirals Short Shifts has the game story of the Ads 3-1 win over Grand Rapids on Saturday. The Ads have games tonight at Toronto and Tuesday at Hamilton.

In a game televised on NHL Network, the University of Wisconsin edged the University of North Dakota 4-3 on Friday night. Pred prospects Blake Geoffrion had a goal on two shots while Craig Smith added an assist.

Around the NHL...

It's hard to imagine but the L A Kings are atop the Western Conference standings and can move into the best record in hockey tonight with a win over Vancouver. Congrats to the Kings and their fans.

Also, congrats to all the fans in the desert as the NHL has signed a letter of intent to sell to Ice Edge Holdings which would give the team permanent ownership and a chance at stability. In on ice matters, GM Don Maloney will appear on NHL Live today.

These fight videos at Avs practice captured by Adrian Dater will not end up on

Finally, the wife and I went to see The Blind Side on Friday night and really enjoyed the film. I didn't know anything about the real life story before I went in but I read this condensed version of the original book yesterday which made the story seem more amazing. I would recommend the movie to anyone, not just someone interested in sports.

More Later...

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