Saturday, October 18, 2008

Predators Streak Ends Abruptly

Shea Weber Shoots On Columbus During Preseason Action at The Sommett

The Nashville Predators returned home late last night without the baggage of the 16 game point streak versus Columbus. They were run over by the Blue Jacket express which seemed to have everything go their way on offence and defense. The Jackets ran starting goalie Pekka Rinne with two goals in 8 seconds late in the first period and then added another power play goal at the start of the second period to go up 4-0.

The Predators decided to wake up at that point and scored three unanswered goals , including two in 9 seconds to end the second period down 4-3. Columbus sealed the deal midway through the third with their second power play goal. The Preds had scoring chances all night long but were stymied by Pascal LeClair time after time before he left the game late with a hand injury.

The third period was also marred by a fight that should have never happened. Jerred Smithson tangled with Andre Picard and was immediately taken to the ice. One of my pet peeves is when people that aren’t fighters try to do the job of an enforce. There is never a good result and there is always a better than average chance of injury to a player who is key to his team.

At the risk of sounding like an old school Vanderbilt fan (before they got good this year), in spite of the loss it was a moral victory of sorts for the Predators in that they were able to come back in the midst of a potential blow out on the road and make a game of it.

Tonight should be a different story at home and hopefully with the Predator debut of enforcer Nick Tarnasky. If he is able to go and his hand is healed well enough, expect to see blows within the first five minutes of the game to let the Blue Jackets know that last night was a fluke and they had better get ready for another streak.

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